A. One Week Frame Building Class


photo by Brad Quartuccio

  • $3,150,00
  •  One on one class
  • Lunches included
  • Frame and fork will be made
  • Frame set will be powder coated
  • Frame will be prepped and ready to assemble
  • Materials included for frame, fork and practice brazing
  • Complete bikes are an option

Frame construction options:

Fork options:

We can build most any type of frame set:

Fork brazing

Fork brazing

I can format the class to fit your needs.

It will be your week, so it is really up to you and what you want to get out of this.  There are many options of instruction that can be taught and how much you want to get out of this class.

We can make this a fun vacation where you get to spend the week building the bike of your dreams and get out the daily grind, having fun and hearing stories about the bike building business or I can format this into an intensive crash course that may lead to you getting a job in the industry or setting up shop on your own.

I have a great one on one system for teaching you to TIG weld or braze in a matter of days and have taught people to weld that either right handed [like me] or left handed.

I can construct the class to inform you about tooling and what levels of commitment are needed to start-up your own shop or we can just concentrate on building your bike.

Tube notching on mill

Tube notching on mill

Components for a complete bicycle, can be purchased  from me at retail pricing. If needed, wheel building instruction can be shown [I will build the wheels] and full bike assembly can be worked into an extra day [Saturday]. If we are making a complete bike we will need to have a discussion about your components and time for me to give you a price quote. Then I will need to get your payment in advance to purchase the components before your class [will need to do this 4 weeks before your class]


  • Boxed for air travel  $30.00
  • UPS shipping of frames will range from $50.00 to $100.00.
  • UPS shipping of complete bicycles will range from $130.00 to $200.00

In order to hold a spot for your frame class I will need a $500.00 deposit and will need to know what kind of bicycle you would like to build [so I can purchase the correct materials in time]. Your balance will be paid upon your first day of class.

In order to prepare for your class I will need to know:

  • Method of construction
  • Type of bike
  • Fork style
  • Choice of braking system
  • Dropout style
  • RAL Color number
  • Bring me a small bag of peanut M&Ms to let me know that you read text and can follow instructions ;)

Food: As mentioned snacks, lunch and at least one dinner is included. We have a lot of great local eateries to take you too.

If you are Vegan, then I can make some good lunches at home and bring it to work and or stock up on stuff at the shop.

Please let me know about any food allergies, dislikes etc…

A few details:

  • TIG welding requires very good up close eye sight. Bring your glasses if needed.
  • You will need to wear cloths and shoes that protect you. No sandals or sleeveless shirts.
  • You have to wear glasses or safety glasses [provided].
  • No baggy clothing [will get caught in a machine]
  • Don’t bring clothes that you really care about
  • You can wear shorts, but they need to cover your thighs for welding.
  • Bring a long sleeve shirt for TIG welding [T-Shirt is fine]
Paul's Rando bike

Paul’s Rando bike

Van's TIG mountain

Van’s TIG mountain

Rob with his frame

Rob with his frame

Some people that have taken my class and took their new skills to work:

  • Benjamin Cycles, Brooklyn, NY.
  • Beardman Bicycles, Seekonk, MA.
  • Buccino Cycles, San Jose CA.
  • Robin Mather. Bristol, UK [just to brush up on his TIG welding skills]
  • Many others, but they do not have a website and building as a hobby.

The next option is below :)

6 week intensive training with tools I make for you: $30,000

ANT 508-921-3623  antbikemike@gmail.com