D. Six week Frame Business Course

photo by Brad Quartuccio

Frame Building Business Course


6 weeks with me in my shop, using tooling I make for you to keep for your own frame shop.

Tools I will make for you, included with cost of class:

  • Frame and fork tacking fixtures
  • Frame and fork Alignment table
  • Tube cutting system and a small milling machine [for main tubes, chain & seat stays]
  • BB, HT & seat tube reaming and facing tools
  • Heat sinks for TIG welding BB, HT & ST
  • Various benders for forks, stays.
  • Wheel check tools
  • Dropout alignment tools
  • Brazing clamps
  • Wood tube blocks
  • Files
  • Hacksaw
  • Hacksaw ruled guide
  • Special drill bits and cutters
  • Calipers
  • Digital protractor
  • Canti-post tacking tool
  • Road bridge tacking tool
  • Bike CAD program
  • Materials for 6 frames
  • Practice materials for welding and brazing
  • Part and Vender list
  • ANT bicycle building manual

This will be an intensive 6 weeks of hard work, but the best start to making your own shop that you could ever have. Each week we will build a frame for you, along with hours of consulting on how to make your new shop become successful.

TIG welding and brazing practice almost everyday [or just brazing if a lugged course].

This is also not just instruction, but a proven system that has been honed from years in the frame building industry. You will learn on your tools and be equipped with a “how to” manual.

I can build you a little shop that can fit into a small garage and run on 110V power. If you want to go bigger then I can advise on that too. Powder coating instructions are included, but finish work involves much more space and equipment.

Further consulting is included for the rest of the equipment you will need. Problem consulting/follow up, included for 6 months [by phone or email]

Room and board not included. You can get a room at a local hotel for as low as $490.00 a week. Or go to Airbnb to find a local host.

Additional equipment not included that you will need:

  • TIG welding machine [$2,400.00]
  • Brazing rig  [$700]
  • Good vise [$200/450.00]
  • Good belt sander [$450.00]
  • Insurance [$2,000]
  • Other machine tools [Lathe and vertical mill...] [$1,000/$3,000]
  • Rigging/moving machine tools/shipping [$500 to $2,000]
  • Painting or powder coating equipment [about $10,000]

If needed, for an additional cost, I can take photos for you of the bikes you build and make a wordpress website to get you started.

To get started I will need:

  • A deposit of $15,000.00
  • Balance to be paid when you start.
  • This time slot takes a lot of planning, so we will need to make arrangements for that.
  • Shipping of your tools is your cost, but I can help with arrangements.

Some people that have taken my six week course:

Previous apprentices:

For more info contact me.

ANT 508-921-3623  antbikemike@gmail.com