Nice TIG welding

 Welcome to ANT’s new blog. I have been enjoying other peoples blogs and have finally decided to set one up too, along with a Filcker account for photos.

I have noticed on many blogs that at first it is fast and furious and then as time passes…less and smaller post…less info…sometimes 6 months go by without any news!

I imagine it will be the same for me too, but I hope that this will be a new way to keep my customers and friends updated with all things ANT for the duration.

December has been very busy with making bikes and getting ready for the Holidays. New England has been getting  a lot of snow [2nd of any Dec] and that has slowed life down a lot with much shovelling. I have the studs on my bike and have been running errands around town, but have not been riding to work. I am driving myself crazy with driving! After xmas I will be getting back into riding to work, no matter about the plows and cars and skinny roads! Riding in the snow is fun it is just the cars and plows that make it unsafe.

This situation has been giving much thought about the conditions that my customers have to ride in. I am always trying to come up with the bike that does it all [so you only have to buy one], but I do not think that that will ever work for me.

 Everyone into bicycles has a different opinion on what makes a good commuter bike. I go into phases of opinion. In the winter I really like to use my mountain bike with studs and battery lights. It is slow, but safe and the battery lights still work when I am going very slow [to avoid cars] and going up hill. Once the black ice is gone I switch back to my skinner tire roadster with hub dyno lighting.

I know many people that like to go with skinny road type wheels in the winter, because it can cut through the snow to the road surface. [you can get studs in road sizes now too]. This does work, makes sense and is mush faster. However I really like the stability of the wide mtn tire, when it slips or gives way [in a snow bank] I can recover with more confidence with the mtn wheel.

All well I guess I wil have to have more than one bike in my life;)

NAHBS is so close! I have the show bikes all lined up to build. I am using 3 customer bikes that are in that same date of delivery and by chance are very special ANT style bikes. This years show is going to be fantastic and you should make an all effort to get there. Feb is not the greatest time to visit Portland OR…but I am sure that anyone that lives there would say anytime is a good time in Portland (biketopia:)

This will be the first trip that Besty and I take where we don’t have to bring our plastic French press and our own coffee…Stumptown Coffee here we come!

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