Happy New Burn

Happy New Year!
Best to start out 2008 with a new burn;) Betsy thought that it looked like some aliens had abducted me. Just an eyelet burn from a rack I was welding the other day. I still have not learned to keep away from fresh welded racks!
We had a little New Years party at our house and it was nice to not have to drive anywhere.
Back to work today trying to finish up the step through bike, for Leslie S. that I am working on [the one on flicker that is in the set “Making a step through frame”]. At the same time I was finishing up Charlie R’s white step through bike also finishing up Nikki Y’s 26″ Club Racer. My next bike in line is for Tony L. who is a 2nd ANT buyer. His will be a very nice single speed roadster and will be the first in my new Flicker set of “Who is next”. This will be photos of the next bike in the building process. Not a full on every step of the way photo shoot, but enough to see that the bike is being built. 
I have loaded up almost 600 pictures to the Flicker account and I see that I am getting a lot of views on the site. I am very impressed with the flicker site and it can be quite addictive going from contact to contact and finding more and more great photos like this

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2 Responses to Happy New Burn

  1. Oirad says:


    I regularly check your site to enjoy all of your bikes. And now with the blog … well, thanks for the posts and pics. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


  2. antbikemike says:


    Thank you for staying in touch. I am really happy to finally have the blog and flicker which allows me to have more contact with my customers and people interested in all things ANT.


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