Skirt guard

I am getting very close to finishing this very nice step through bike for Leslie S. I have really gone all out on this bike with a lot of hand work. The skirt gaurd is kicking my ass, but I finally got it where I want and can now begin the front rack that will have a wicker basket on it with an E6 light mounted below. I got some great help from Sean B. at Wheel Works with using thier Phil Wood spoke machine for cutting the spokes for the guard. I will post new images when it is complete. I made another custom stainless steel chain guard and custom cut pedal cages for this bike. Man what a lot of work! I need to get creative and come up with some lazer cut cages and some kind of custom made chain guard [made by someone else locally].  This bike also sports some nice brass valve caps on the wheels. I found these at the hardware store. Expensive, but very classy looking.
I am pretty sure that I will change over to shipping by freight [instead of regular UPS], for the bulk of my complete bike orders [which is almost everything I make]. I rarely make a frame set. Try to make, test and then box into 2 to 3 boxes for a complete bike is hard and takes a lot of time. For a about $100/150 more I can ship a complete bike [ready to ride] by freight. I have someone from a local box company coming up with a prototype box this week to try out. When I finish this step through bike then I can start the bike for Tony L.

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3 Responses to Skirt guard

  1. nice! god work on that there in-tar-net thing mike. looks really clean and classy. looking forward to seeing your bikes in person and also having you and betsy in kick it in portland for a while before the show. you’ll love it. bring some rain gear. it has been 40-45 degrees in the day but rainy. it gets in your bones if your not dry. we heart wool socks!

  2. Joel says:

    Skirt guard and chain guard both excellent.

    You should be happy going to freight. Based on my experience receiving a few bikes UPS, moving bikes is something they would rather not do.

  3. David P. says:

    Beautiful handmade work. That’s what I’d call an heirloom (all ANT bikes are of course) bike!

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