White crank with ANT ring

I just finished Tony L’s bike! I am happy with the way that it came out and the color is very ANT like [it looks just like my work cloths]. I think I am going to call this “Uniform Grey”. I used a take apart rack design, like a Bilenky rack that I saw at the show last year. I am on my last ANT rings and will use them on the show bikes I am soon to build. I talked to my machinist friend about making a new batch and hope to have them made easier to polish. We got a lot of wet snow this morning and I had a lot of shoveling to do today and will be causing delays in most things around here.
I have been working long days and I will be hard to get in touch with for the final push before the frame show [I think I need to lock my door]. However I will be posting pictures to Flicker for all to see of the work being done.

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3 Responses to White crank with ANT ring

  1. Hi Mike !
    It is very pleasent to see your work and now get some news about your creations.

    You love your work and every detail shows that ! If you were an architect I bet the houses you build would be as nice !

    The picture is so beautiful.

    French guys I know would love to have an harley davidson motorbike. I d’love to have an Ant !

  2. antbikemike says:

    Hey Mathieu,

    Thanks for the nice comments. When I was a kid I wanted to be an Architect and I still dream of designing dwellings, buildings and communities. MF

  3. Smasher says:

    Mike: Is your “machinist friend” a guy in Holliston? I think I met him a couple of years ago at the Haystack art camp in Maine. He said he knew you.

    Nice to see you at the show. Your new take-apart D-racks are very, very cool.

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