Mully’ MT show bike

I worked until midnight yesterday and got Mully’s MT tacked. This is the first show bike to be built. A MT, fixed, black with red rims and other nice items that you will see soon. When I got in this morning the power went out! We had a big wet snow storm, so it was no suprise. So I opened up the shades and built mully’s wheels in the light. Power back on now:)


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2 Responses to Mully’ MT show bike

  1. steve garro says:

    glad to find you blog, mike. i decided to look and see if you had one after building a level tt black prestige touring bike that someone remarked that in looked like an a.n.t. bike – quite the compliment. rock on, steve coconino cycles.

  2. antbikemike says:

    Hello Steve, Thanks for finding my blog and getting in touch. I was just adding a new post and then your mail came in! Blogging and Flicker are new to me and I am having fun with it. Betsy and I are really looking forward to NAHBS and happy that Friday morning will be for exbitors only so we can have a chance to meet the other builders like yourself. Keep up the good work and see you in Portland. Mike

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