Current “best meal in town”

Sometimes I get what is called “Hollistonitis”. I have eaten at every place in town so many times that sometimes I am not sure where to go, but I am hungry and have run out of food in the shop, but need to work late….can be a vicious cycle. I most often bring a lunch and or left overs from home or go to the grocery store and load up my shop fridge with stock. Inevitably I run out and start making the rounds of the town, most often quite happy with the food I can find in this little town, but if I push the limits and go out to often the “Hollistonitis” comes on:) I have no Hollistonitis right now and the best meal in town is the Spaghetti dinner from Table Top Pizza. It must be about 1lbs of pasta with good sauce and a sub roll turned into garlic bread. It can get you through the night and then some.

I have machined, tacked and welded David P.’s  frame. I will be able to work very late tonight on it and get a lot done. Betsy has some business to do tonight, so I can work late. David’s bike is a 700c Roadster with the Alfine hub set and I have come up with some new ideas for it that I can’t wait to have it finished and photoed.

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One Response to Current “best meal in town”

  1. David P. says:

    Now you’ve made everyone hungry AND excited.

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