David P’s bike finished

Just finshed up David P’s Deluxe Roadster [show bike #2]. I just need to make the chainguard and box it up. This bike has the Shimano Alfine’ 8 speed disc hubset, dual lights, racks, rust powder coat, white Ind crank, ANT stem, Brooks copper honey saddle, tape and bag…very nice;)

I will be starting Natas K’s 3 speed Deluxe Roadster tonight.
I have two new protoype boxes 65″x10″x36″ that I will be using for the show bikes. I shipped one already and it fits great in the new larger size. The other giant full bike box worked well, but dealing with the freight companies [and cost] was a bit much. This new box can ship regular UPS as an oversize 3. This will cost more to ship, however I can now ship the bike more complete with the front fender on, rear rack on, handlebars and stem on [turn to the side] and with smaller bikes even the seat post and saddle on! I am now making all the front racks in bolt on pieces, so it will all fit into one box. I will load up photos of this new process when I get the production boxes.

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