Late Night Mike

I have been working late into the night…in fact I do that a lot. When I was at I.F. I had the nick name “Late Night Mike”…At night I can play the music loud, because during the day, my upstairs neighbor does not like it. I almost got Natas K’s bike tacked last night. I will have it tacked today and box up David P’s bike. 


About antbikemike

Bicycle frame builder
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3 Responses to Late Night Mike

  1. David P. says:

    Love those shots of Nata K’s frame. Tight welding work. Best in the business!

  2. just picked up a new stereo that is much louder than my old crappy one so the nights at the shop are longer and louder lately. excited to have you and betsy in town before the show.

  3. Jeff G says:

    Great site Mike. As always beautiful work. I plan to check in from time to time to see your new projects.

    BTW I remember you being -work until the sun comes up mike- from before the IF days….

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