Natas K. 3 speed Deluxe LR

It just keeps getting better:) I am so happy with this bike that I do not want to box it up! The 3 show bikes came out so nice. My thanks to Scott, David and Natas. They all gave me a lot of artistic license with their bikes and I think it shows. I still need to box this bike up, make some stands and a display and ship that. Then get some work done to the next frames in line before I leave for the show on Monday the 4th. I need to do some major cleaning in the shop too. I have been working so much with out any breaks and such long hours that I have not had any time for maintenance. I will do a big clean up before I start on the next frame.

4 thoughts on “Natas K. 3 speed Deluxe LR

  1. When you first said a few weeks ago that you hadn’t even started the show bikes, I thought you were joking… incredible job and beautiful work as usual Mike. Have fun at the show.

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