Mark H’s road frame

I took the time to clean the shop a little and then machined Mark H’s road frame. He has been waiting a long time and I am glad to get it going. I plan to get some welding done on it tonight and some more before I leave for Portland.
Next up will be David T. ,  Shiv,  John B. , Jon B. and then Chris H.  .. and them some more. updates coming later.
Today I had a reporter and a photographer from the Christian Science Monitor at my shop for many hours. They were interviewing me and taking pictures while I built Marks bike. They plan to do a story on NAHBS and my preparations for it. This may be in print next Friday! The writer Peter Smith is a cyclist and commutes to work. He had never heard of me or NAHBS, but a co worker clued him in and suggested a story. Should be interesting.
I am really looking forward to Portland, seeing some friends and to give my body a rest. I am recovering workaholic and I just went on a binge, working 7 days a week for about 5 weeks and long hours too. It was fun, but I am ready for a little break to get rejuvenated and NAHBS is just the thing to get me going!

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