Our crew, Betsy, Marty, Howard and Mike

Here is our crew for NAHBS 08. Besty [my partner], Marty [my book keeper], Howard [my good friend from my cross country trip in 89] and yours truly.

Everything went well and this was a low stress trip [thanks to everyones help]. We had a wonderful time and met many great people that wanted too see ANT bikes in person. Portland was nice and it was great to see Howard and his family [we have stayed in touch all this time].
On our way back Betsy and I were delayed in Chicago and did not get home until 3:30am on Tuesday. I ended up taking another day off, due to the snow [shoveled for 3 hours of wet snow and then the cold rain all day at 35o]. I will get in tomorrow and get back to it on Mark’s frame.
There is a lot to talk about with NAHBS, but I am too beat to write. I will try and come up with some news later after I get some work done!

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3 Responses to Our crew, Betsy, Marty, Howard and Mike

  1. dan powell says:


    Sweet bikes again this year! Hope to see you in 09 at Indy!


  2. mike. wished we could have had coffee or something but oh well. had a strange social hangover for a day and a half after the show. back to work and living the dream. thanks for all the inspiration for building bikes to ride. it makes me want a tig set up, bad.

  3. Ian Hopper says:

    Hey Mike, thanks for speaking in the “City Bikes” seminar @ NAHBS. I was sitting in the front with Val Kleitz and Aaron Goss: it was a good panel and I wanted to express my appreciation for your contribution to the panel and to bicycling in general. It sounds like you had a hellish ride home.

    Keep up the good work and I hope to see you at next year’s event! BTW, I love my ANT beanie: I’ve been wearing it as my main under-helmet head warmer since I bought mine at NAHBS in 2006.

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