Shiv’s Mixte for his wife:)

I made Shiv’s wife’s mixte this week and will powder coat it soon [after the rain stops]. I am still having flooding problems in that area, but the landlord is on it, so will be fixed someday. Shiv had ordered a LR for himself a long time ago. When his number finally came up, he decided to change the order for a single speed mixte for his wife. There are a lot of people that have bought ANT’s for their companions, kids, siblings. I think that is very cool…I think everyone should have an ANT made for their family:) 


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Bicycle frame builder
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2 Responses to Shiv’s Mixte for his wife:)

  1. Jono says:

    You seem to be working on the seattube cluster in all of your photos, at least you’re consistant!

    That’s a good looking frame jig.

  2. antbikemike says:

    The seatstay top is always my last tack weld and makes a good photo too;)
    I made the jig, so I can make any type of bike and can locate the heat tube at any point [like on cargo bikes].

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