David T’s Club Racer

Cold, rain, snow,rain, cold:( Nice and warm in my shop though:) However I am not looking forward to the floods coming tomorrow. I got David T’s Club Racer together. Everyone that has come into the shop has liked the color. David is going to like his new bike a lot. He was riding an old Motobecane[sp?], that was way to small and with skinny tubes, old parts. This is going to be like a rocket [with fenders].

I sent a drawing off to Paragon Machine today for some new slider dropouts. I am really tired of dropouts that do not fit in the stays, do not have eyelets where I want them and have 5 x .8mm threads for eyelets [I like big 6 x 1mm for racks]. I am always drilling and taping out eyelets to make 6 x 1 threads. These droputs will look similar to the Paragon sliders with windows. I have some that I will modify [as prototypes] to look like the ones I will have made for me. These will be my new universal dropout for all my bikes rear ends and will work for any drivetrain. I recieved a small batch of Shimano Alfine hubs and shifters a few weeks ago and I am excited to finally get them. I wish more of the Alfine group would work for me, but it does not cut it. I would like to use the crank and BB, but it only comes in a 170mm legnth. This is one reason I use the Sugino cranks that I can get in 165mm, 170mm and 175mm to better fit people on my bikes.
Once I get these dropouts modified I am going to come up with a new prototype bike for production. I took my fist order from someone in Ohio! He has been riding the same mtn bike for 12 years for commuting and now want a Boston Roadster with some upgrades on it [Front rack, Inoled light, Honjo fenders], my kind of bike.
I am going to get going on Shivs bike and build it up and will post pictures in a few days.
Next up will be John B {MA}, then Jon B. {HA}, Chris H {MA}, Billy {CAN}, Jeff B.{CA}, Tom H.{CA}, Bob G. {MA}

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One Response to David T’s Club Racer

  1. David P says:

    Yep, that’s an awesome color and a fetching bike. Our Friday morning in Tyler has been fantastic. I rode a few miles over to the big box pet supply and hauled back a 20lb. bag of kibble and assorted treats on my D-Rack equipped Roadster. I felt bad leaving my dog behind at the house but hey, I’ll play frisbe with him later.

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