Shiv’s wife’s SS Roadster


I took Shiv’s wife’s bike out for a test ride today. I have not had a single speed Roadster since last summer and I always forget how much I like a single speed. It is very light and handles well, just feels nice. I need to make the front basket for it and get the right saddle [ a womens brooks ] and then I can ship it out. After that I will finish up a repair for David K’s bike. David was hit by a car this winter and his fork was flattend. I made a new fork, but then discovered his front wheel needed to be rebuilt too. David ride’s most everyday, but hurt his knee in the accident and has been off the bike since. He is back to riding now and is ready for his main commuter bike back.

John B’s frame set is next. He has been waiting a long time and has since changed his mind to a fixed gear bike. He has many bikes and rides a lot of miles each year, commutes daily, ride brevets, BMB and PBP etc…
After that will be my next Jon B! Jon B in Hawaii is going to have a very interesting Roadster built with welded on plates on the rear dropouts for a banna seat struts and a 3 speed stick shift on the downtube.

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