David K’s bike fixed…I mean repaired:)


David’s bike is all ready now. I got to thinking about this well ridden bike [daily]. This bike was my first order of the year for 2004 [early Jan]. At that time I was still fresh out from Boston and did not have a lot of orders or money [from moving]. This bike along with another LR order in the following week really saved me. The next month the orders were coming in and have not stopped yet:) [Thank you]. In case you did not know before David was hit by a car, got his fork flattened, wheel bashed, rear rack mashed, front brake broken. ut best of all he is ok. Got his knee pretty sore, but he is back on the bike.

I was just interviewed by Amy Walker at Momentum Magazine. This is going to be a pod cast. I am not sure how to acces that. I went to the site and did not see any pod cast links, but anyway check out Momentum Mag…my new favorite bike culture magazine 9I still like Urban Velo too:)



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