John B’s tacking video

John B’s tacking video

Originally uploaded by antbike

Trying out a Flicker video? Not sure if this is going to work, but maybe the link is on the side? I am tack welding John B’s bike today and thought I would try the video option on my camera. I can only get 1 minute on this resolution and no sound with this. It is definitely working on the Flicker page, not sure if it is going to the blog. The weatherman keep saying that it is going to be clowdy, but again a beutiful day here:) Betsy and I had a nice ride home last night. She will sometimes ride over after work and we will ride home together.

Right before we got home we came up on a local red tail hawk! he took a good look at us and then split.


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  1. Robert says:

    WordPress has trouble posting videos. You need to use code from here:

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