Basket bike 08


Here is the new Basket Bike for 08 and beyond. I still need to make a few changes to suit me, but this one was good enough to get some photos of and present as my new model. This bike will be used for my annual [6th] donation to Massbike and NEMBA fund raiser at the Redbonesbike to work week kick off party. I was the first sponsor to actually add to the raffle with something worth while and this has put the pressure on for other sponsors to actually give something substantial.

The last two weeks has been crazy with interruptions and things breaking etc…My powder coat oven broke and it has taken me days to figure out how to fix it. The basket bike was difficult to get re-design and I ran into a few snags etc…however I am very happy with the final result. As many of you may have figured out the interruptions have multiplied 10 fold and I have cut off communication with email and phone calls, with exception to people on my build list and past customers.
For the time being I am only taking new orders from people that are willing to just send a deposit for one of the 3 bikes I now have listed on the site and also if they can do with working out the details later. I just do not have the time to answer questions now. I have so many bikes on order that are late and I want to address that.
I am also using my blog as a website for the bike descriptions, ordering and other bike related info. You may have noticed the buttons for pages on the top of the blog. This will become more useful as I get new images up to go along with the text as well as updating the text over the next months. The blog is much easier to use than the website and the links to my flicker photo album are a nice feature.
I will make  a new post after Redbones…be there if you can!



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