Memorial day 08


Memorial day weekend was wonderful this year! Soccer and Baseball were cancelled, so we finally got to have a family ride! The Providence/Bristol rail trail is one of our favorites. It has great views of the Narragansett bay along with cool breezes and there are fun incentives long the way. Dell’s lemonade is the first stop with their frozen lemonade with chunks of lemon in it, then the Topside seafood restaurant that has great RI. clam cakes [kind of like a hush puppy] and towards the end of the ride Ice cream at the Dairy Bee. The trail is about a 26 mile round trip. A lot of work has been done this year, so most of it was smooth:)

The next day Betsy and I had our Anniversary tandem ride down the Minuteman trail from Bedford Ma to the Boston North End. This is about a 30 mile ride and I am still amazed that we can do this ride almost completelyon a bike trail or lane [only about 1 mile of it on a road with no lane, most of it on a trail]. Our destination is always the North End for an Italian lunch and then around the corner for Conollis and Cappuccino, then the big ride back to burn it off;)
Now it is Tuesday and back to making bikes! I am running a bit slow right now, because I pulled my back out loading the back seat into my van this morning! Bad timing, because I have a lot to do this week…and more! I guess it is never a good time:(
My scheduale is a bit off with bikes, becuase Redbones, I have had some warranty work to do and along with a new bike that I had made the wrong size [Jon B’s bike], he needs a bigger frame. Luckily Jon let me know before welding the frame [he has special dopouts], so I was able to take his dropouts out and finish the bike as a random ANT for sale [soon]. I am almost done with it and will post it to be sold. 



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