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Yes, lots of post this week!

My back is still killing me, so I thought I would do a little work on the blog/site while I was sitting down:)
I am not sure how many people actually look at my blog, maybe I should figure out how to do that? But I hope that people enjoy it and use it to stay in touch with me and my shops work.
Here is a picture of my own bike. I built it last year to be an end all do all Touring Light Roadster bike [yea right]. I just made some improvements to it and after using it for sometime now I have now made this my main bike for my bike line of ANT [or variations of it]. I am very happy with the way it rides and handles.
The racks on it are my new Universal racks that have a very French look to them, taking styling points from French racks I have found on Ebay with the very round look to them. The side struts are the same front and rear for a consistant look. Both racks have light mounts, the front having dual threaded mounts for headlamps of any type. I like to run small saddle bags in the back for my everyday load [lunch, cloths, tools etc… down low and evenly loaded and the front rack open for picking things up, such as groceries or other bulky items.
I am using [and will be specing on all my bikes] the new B&M IQ Fly Plus LED and the Minimag 3 watt LED. Not the best looking set up, but after you use these you will never want to use anything else. I have had many people say that they do not want lights on their bike [get stolen, do not ride at night or they are in the city and do not need lights]…well I say you do need lights all the time. I use mine on rainy or foggy days, when the sun is setting or rising [blinding a cars drivers view] and yes, even in the city when the roads are lit….with good lights you can see anytime, anywhere and people see you.
While my favorite gearing set up is the Shimano Alfine or Nexus 8 speed internal gear hub I have set up my bike with a triple crank system, because I will use this bike as my road/touring/commuting/trailer pulling bike up big climbs etc…I need that granny gear! I really miss the easy shifting of my old bike with the Nexus 8 speed hub…it is just so smooth. At some point when I can afford it I will make another bike for my self either as a an 8 speed or a fixed gear bike.
I am also sporting my new threadless ANT stem. I wanted this to look very similar to a quill stem, but 1 1/8″ threadless. It also has a bell mount. The bars are WALD bars with a little extention welded on to make more room for shifters and grips. I will now be making all the stems for all my complete bikes and will be using these bars [made in USA]. Also from WALD are the steel fenders on my bike. I have updated them with new mouting harware and a Hunt Wilde mud flap [all USA made]. I have used WALD fenders on many bikes and I have to say that work quite well, just the stock harware sucks, so that I why I am making my own. I am talking with WALD so maybe someday they will fix that? 


8 thoughts on “Mike’s bike

  1. WordPress undoubtedly has a statistics module that will tell you something about who’s reading your blog. Google Analytics is something else that can be integrated and tells you a lot.

    I read your blog feed in Google Reader, which can tell me how many other people read it just in Google Reader too (not counting anyone using a different feed reader or going to the website directly), and that number is currently 67.

    Also, I love the versatility of this bike!

  2. hey, mike, look on my blog link above and check out the “feedjit” feature. it shows geographically where the last 100 hits were on a map of the earth you can zoom in on. you can just click it and add it to your site. cool! awesome work, i feel ya, my neck is killing me…….steve, coconino cycles.

  3. Hi Mike,
    Yea! Another cool bike! What kind of tail light is that mounted to the rear rack? And, is it a single, centered mount? Thanks!!!

  4. Hi Alex,

    Those are “Sunlite” bags. Sunlite is a genric china made brand of bags and stuff. Distributed by JB Importers [to your retail shops etc…]. These are a copy of the Ortlieb water proof bag [which are also made in China], but these cost less. These are the front bags and would cost about $100.00. You can get them from a local bikes shop or from me.

    PS I have to use a small bungee to hold them down on the bottom. The system on it [and Ortlieb] would need a small modification like this.

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