Bike For Sale

Bike for sale $2,500.00 SOLD

This was going to be Jon B’s bike, before we discovered that he needed a bigger frame. I still need to get his done, but thought I would finish this one off with components that I had in stock.
58cm seat tube, single speed freewheel and fixed gear Roadster bike. King headset, Brooks B-17, Honjo hammertone fenders, 700 x 32 paselas, Super Champion rims, Nexus dyno hub, Inoled 20 LED lamp, Spanniga fender light, Dual leg stand, alloy rear rack, Soma bars, White Industries freewheel, brass bell, Nitto stem, sugino XD crank, 38T ring x 18T cog and freewheel, KMC stainless steel chain.
All parts and frame are new with exception of the rear fender, headlight and saddle. The headlamp’s switch is broken and stays on all the time [it is easy to just unplug at lamp].
I would like to sell the bike as built and no changes, however I can build a front rack for you.
I finally got a color for Chris H’s bike, so that one will be finished off soon and built up! I will post pictures soon. I tried to get some work done this Saturday, but not enough happened. Sunday was spent putting in our vegetable garden and making it bird proof! Last year they destroyed it.
I took an order for a 26″ LR, from Bob P of Somerville this morning. He rode out from Somerville [26 miles]. Bob is one of my flicker contacts, has a lot of bikes [rides them all] and has an IF Club Racer Ti [my old road design]. Now he needs an ANT Roadster for the town!
I am in Bicycling Magazine right now [July Issue]. Nice little write up on a few builders and I am happy to be included. Many people had been telling me about it and I went to the book store to buy a copy. They did not have it, but I decided to buy the June issue anyway. I was snagged by an interview with David Bryn [sp?] and a lot of bike culture type articles [so uncommon to Bicycling]. I have to say that I was kind of impressed with the quality of the mag! I hope Bicycling continues with that kind of work, because a lot of beginners read it. When I was in high school I really looked forward to getting my Bicycling magazine and learned a lot from it.

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4 Responses to Bike For Sale

  1. MojoMan says:

    Hey, Mike. It’s pretty easy to add a meter to your blog to count the number of visits. I use “Sitemeter.” It’s free and easy to use and even gives some information about where visitors come from. Al Mollitor, Sharon, MA

  2. Brad G. says:


    Beautiful bike. If only it was 2cm larger:( Keep up the great work!

  3. David P. says:

    Oh, dude. That is sooo tempting. I’m pretty sure it’s about my size!

  4. Patrick in Chicago says:

    Love this bike!

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