Chris H.

Sorry for the shitty pictures of Chris H’s Club Racer. It was late in the day and I wanted to get something of it before being picked up. Chris’s bike was fun to test ride…my size:) and light [without all the crap I put on all my bikes] It is equipped with Edward Sizzerhands shifters. I have never owned a bike with these shifters, they seam to fit well and work great.

I have Bryan’s bike in the works and need to get going again on Jon B’s bike. Jon sent some cool parts to be fitted to his roadster….a 3 speed hub and top tube mounted stick shifter.



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2 Responses to Chris H.

  1. Bryan Andregg says:

    What do you mean by Edward Sissorhands shifters? They look like pretty standard shimano shifters to me.

  2. antbikemike says:

    That was supossed to be funny… That is what Lloyd and I [at Indy fab] used to call them, when these shifters first came out way back when.

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