Mini Maglite LED


Upon further testing I have decided that MiniMag Lights are not good for bicycles. They work great in your hand [one of the brightest 3 watt LEDs], but can not take the jarring of the bicycle going down the road, which causes them to blink and then go off. At first I though it was just the battery cap coming loose. I put some electrical tape on it to hold it in place, but it turns out to be the switch [works by turing the lamp head].
I will be doing some more testing on various small LED lights for my secondary/back up light on my bikes. As far as suggestions it has to be something in the $25/30 price range.
Before the Maglight I was using the 5 LED Cateye light, but I think I will be looking at the new super bright LEDs that are in the 1 to 3 watt range.

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2 Responses to Mini Maglite LED

  1. Jono says:

    The shop I wrench at has been selling Sigma Tri-LED front lights for a while, I use one myself, and they perform rather well for their price (18-25 USD).

  2. Mike Harmon says:

    I just now found you site. Like it a lot.
    You mentioned trying to use a Mini-Mag LED light as a bike light and having trouble with the switch.
    I recently tried a light I found at Lowes Home Improvements. It’s machined aluminum and has a 3.4 watt LED. Looks like a silver, slightly chubby Mag Lite because it is powered by two C cell batteries. This thing is fantastically bright and runs for over 100 hours on a set of batteries. It has a snap action switch in the base that seems to be bullet proof. I used this light for a week in an industrial environment, dropped it, etc. and it just keeps on working. It cost $29 and I think worth every penny.
    I’m making a mount to put mine on my helmet.

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