Jon B’s Roadster


Got Jon B’s bike rebuilt! The first one was too small and since I was going to build a new frame he decided that he wanted it built for center pull brakes too [so a taller fork]. This is the bike that has welded on tabs on the dropouts, for a strut for a banana seat! and will have a 3 speed hub with a stick shift on the top tube. This one will be going out as a partial build so we will have to wait until Jon sends a picture to see what the final outcome looks like.

A few weeks ago I changed my email and phone message to a rather obnoxious greeting, that was to scare away unwanted callers [by email and phone], but it had drawn some negative criticism from some of my most dedicated customers, so I have now changed it all back to just taking on all the mail and phone messages. It is very hard for me to turn people away that call or email for information and advice [on all kinds of bike related things], that is most often nothing really to do with staying in business. I have done this a few times in the past, usually at some breaking point where I get a bunch of calls from people that want me to make some kind of one off 4 seater pedal golf cart or something along those lines. [not really a bad thing…I just don’t want to make it or give advice about it]. My apologies to anyone that was offended by it.

This week I made a few new links on the blog. One a Boston based blog called Chic Cyclist and a new one inspired by Chic Cyclist for SF called Velo Vogue. The thing I like about Chic Cyclist is that the people they have in their photos appear to know that are having their photo taken [and approve of it]. I have seen many blogs where photos of women on bikes are not even aware that they are being blogged? I like it that Chic Cyclist and Velo Vogue are about living by bike, but not having it interrupt their style.

Speaking of style. I have two very nice new Light Roadtsers coming through that will be my new photo bikes for the bikes pages. Both frames have the frames welde and I have all the components, so it won’t be very long before I have good shots for the LR page.

I have Bryan A’s Rohloff 29er all powder coated [a very nice mint green] and all of the parts are in now too, so that will also be up on the Flicker album soon. I usually like to make bikes one at a time of maybe have two overlap, but lately I have had several overlap and now have a lot of wheels to build. I am going to get some wheel building help tomorrow from my friend and ANT rider “Mike the Mailman”. Mike has a cross ANT and often borrows my basket bike to run the mail around Holliston. Mike worked for several years at Landry’s Bicycles before going to the Post Office and was a BMX rat back in the day [same age as me]

More pictures coming soon!


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2 Responses to Jon B’s Roadster

  1. David P. says:

    Hang in there Mikey! Folks that are new to your site may not realize that you’re a workaholic.

  2. workaholic says:

    The workaholic has an unhealthy addiction, a workaholic is a person who is addicted to work and his/her career. There is no commonly accepted medical definition of such a condition, although some forms of stress and obsessive-compulsive disorder can be work-related.

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