Bike Rack

I donated a bike rack to my local coffee/lunch shop [Coffee Haven]. I have been planning to do this for a few years and finally got around to it. I have been thinking of making this a regular program for me to donate a bike rack to local businesses. Rather than beat the town up for bike racks or make the businesses feel that they have to do this, just do it myself.

I bought an Allen Rack. Allen is a MA based business [used to be made here too], but now they are made in FL and I think Imported too on some models? I figured that I would support them still since the business is still somewhat local.
If anyone out there wants to buy a rack for their local shops I would be happy to sell you one at my cost plus shipping. This rack cost me $65 plus shipping to me [$20?],  and the additional shipping to you would vary, but maybe $20 to $50?] Shipping is hard to quote right now with the energy cost.
I may buy more racks this summer for a few more shops in Holliston and maybe in the town where I live too.
I just joined “Bikes Belong” another thing I have been planning on doing to promote bicycling. Bikes Belong is an Industry Lobbying group in DC to promote cycling…in fact this was a big year for me to renew all of my various memberships….Massbike, NEMBA, Rails to Trails, League of American Bicyclist [LAB], Adventure Cyclist and Trustees of the Reservations [MA]
I just added a new blog to my blog list in the bike section…Eco Velo. There are some very interesting stories and links to videos that many would find inspiring. The vidos on cargo bikes has re-invigorated my interest in making a new cargo bike like my old “Frontaloadontome” which was a copy of the German made “Filibus” 
I had big plans to get a buch of work done Monday and Tuesday [today] before I head off for our annual family bike camping trip, but I hurt my shoulder real good and it has slowed me way down.
I have a bunch of bikes powder coated and Mike H is building all the wheels up. I will have to finish them up when I get back on the 30th.
I have welded up Brien’s Roadster and also David B’s Major Taylor fixed frame [pictures soon]. I will post some pictures of our trip when I get back and give  alittle report on that fun:) Then back to making bikes everyday for several weeks until the next trip at the end of July.

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One Response to Bike Rack

  1. Patrick in Chicago says:

    Miss the pictures of the other bikes and racks on the old website but I also love the new website! Change is good. I have only been lucky enough to see one of your bikes in person here in Chicago but I recognized it from a 1/2 block away and hailed down the young lady on it and thoroughly checked it out from top to bottom. One of your bikes is soooo on my list. I would say I’ll have the pennies by next year….until then I’ll just love what I am riding at the moment…because bikes are great.

    Take care and thanks for the good work.

    Have a great day and great trip.

    Patrick in Chicago

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