Martha’s Vineyard 2008

My family and I went on our annual Martha’s Vineyard bike camping trip. For two years Betsy and I went alone and camped at a tent site [only one place to camp there] and for the last three years we have taken Betsy’s children and one of their friends too. When we take the kids we rent a small log cabin that is equipped with a small fridge and a grill with a burner [for pans]. So this is really more like car camping and this is also a family camp ground with a store, laundry, outdoor showers, rec room and a field with soccer goals.

We drive to Cape Cod and park at a lot that is on the bike trail and with about a 5 mile ride with beautiful coastal views to the ferry.
A 30min ferry ride to Vineyard haven and then about a 2 mile ride to the camp. All we have to do is unload our stuff and we are free! Since it is such and easy ride we bring a lot of stuff to have a comfortable camp.
 I have a BOB trailer which really makes it easy.
The Island has many bike trails and it is easy to ride all around with out being on the roads, however when you get to the towns it is a different story. The towns are not bike friendly at all…in fact they suck. 
We went on some nice day trips and ventured to South Beach which has big waves, but very cold. The kids really like the camp ground and want to stay there most of the time, because there are many kids there to play with.
We had some awesome soccer pick up games…at least until some punk slide tackled Betsy! She laid into him and kicked him out of the game. Betsy got pretty bangged up, but at least it did not break her leg.
This was a 5 day trip. We started with a 2 day trip and have been working our way up. Maybe next year a week. We all wanted to stay longer, however it was nice to get back to our own bed and back to my shop to get some work done.

2 thoughts on “Martha’s Vineyard 2008

  1. Hi
    love hearing about vacations without a CAR on the vineyard. There’s really no reason to bring one.It kinda ruins the whole experience.
    Ive been vacationing there for 30 years without a car. oNE OF MY FRIENDS THAT LIVES THER BOUGHT A VELOMOBILE…..
    Have a look!
    Shelly Mossey
    Urban Mobility Project-NYC!

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