“Bike delivery by bike”

Betsy and I delivered a Light Roadster to it’s customer this weekend by bicycle. I found this kid trailer in the trash and turned it into a flatbed and mounted the car/bike rack to it. This is something I wanted to do for some time now and thought that this bike would make the perfect opportunity.

The customer wanted the bike shipped to Martha’s Vineyard and we were there just last weekend and I got to thinking….hmm…why not deliver the bike rather than boxing and shipping [which is a total pain and the customer has to reassemble too].
All along the way the extra bike on a trailer got a lot of attention and comments! The ferry operators were dumfounded.
The weather cooperated for the delivery and after we dropped the bike off we watched the 4th of July parade! The rest of the weekend was wonderful, with a lot of new riding discoveries and great food. It did rain a lot, but we were still had a great time. I posted a lot of pictures on Flicker so take a look.

3 thoughts on ““Bike delivery by bike”

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  2. Way to go, Mike! I have delivered and hauled bikes by bike on numerous occasions, but I must admit that most of them have been boxed. The most recent delivery (and my favorite so far, that I have done) can be seen here: http://tinyurl.com/3n8cd5 These were bikes for Tanya and Mia from Momentum magazine to ride while they visited Seattle, and they enjoyed them very much. Hopefully, you will be able to make this a regular mode of delivery. Rubber side down!

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