Light Roadster 2008

I finally built the new 2008 Light Roadster! This one is for Brooks in Nashville…I think my 2nd bike to Tennessee? This bike is the best all round bike I have come up with and for now on is my standard bike [discriptions on the Light Roadster page].

I have another one like this, but with many powder coated parts and dual racks with wood. Should have some pictures on Saturday.

Jon B’s Rust Roadster will come to life soon too. I had been waiting on the brakes to arrive and got them today. I still need to make the rack, but that is it.

David’s MT is still in the welding stage, but soon to be worked on again.


2 thoughts on “Light Roadster 2008

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  2. When it gets to nashville, let me know. I would love to see it. Guess that will make me number 3 or 4? Still enjoying the anxiety.


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