“Shipping freight, bikes worked on and on Vacation”

I shipped Patrick’s LR to Brooklyn, by UPS freight. Everything worked out fine and he received a complete ready to ride bike. The crate was pretty easy to make and about the same price in materials as cardboard, tape and lots of bubble wrap. A few weeks ago Bryan’s Rohloff bike got a dent in it during shipping, by regular UPS [cardboard] shipping. Luckily for me he was very nice about it and since it was a mtn bike will probably get more on the trail.


This dent and other shipping woes has lead me to decide that making a crate and shipping by freight is the way to go with all my Roadster complete bikes. I believe that having a ready to ride, undamaged bicycle is worth the extra cost of shipping by freight. The extra cost is about the same as if you took your new bike to be reassembled at a bicycle shop [about $100/150].



The bike is completely supported and will not move at all. All you have to do is pry the top off and either pull the bike right out or pry a wall off. The bike will have a little bubble wrap on the top tube, grips and saddle.

 I have been working very hard to get a lot done before I leave for a week for vacation. I ended up working an extra day and night before going, so I could get Jon B’s 3 speed Roadtser shipped and also David B’s MT/Iver shipped. I also got some tube work done to the next bikes in line for Mike G. in CA and Charley S. in MA.  Both bike are almost exactly the same and ordered around the same time! Both with different color choices and componets set ups, but the same style of bike and with Rohloff hubs.


Next in line after Mike G. and Charley are Billy S.  Jeff B.  Tom H.  Bob G.  Sam D. Tony F.  Harmick.  Glenn S.

I will be back in the shop Aug 4th


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One Response to “Shipping freight, bikes worked on and on Vacation”

  1. Jesse says:

    I love it. Bike-In-A-Box!

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