Stuff breaking, hate mail, road rage and going on vacation…again!

It has ended up being a good week after all;) I got some good work done to Mike G’s and Charley S’s bikes, both Rohloff 26″ wheel super bikes. They will be very much just ultimate do all bicycles. David’s MT and Jon B’s bikes were delivered safely [but the cardboard boxes trashed].

My powder coating oven blew out all of it’s bulbs [$70 each] and I had to replace them and sort of rewire it too, but got it going again. It has been raining everyday…not just rain but a storm everyday with lots of lightening. I have been riding everyday and only got caught in it once [I have a rain suit]. Been getting somewhat hassled on the road a lot. It is funny when I have a almost death experience with a truck or speeding car I forget about it pretty quickly, but when someone yells at me or does something mean [having some interaction with a person] it really bums me out. I got some hate mail in my comments on the blog that got me down too. In the 6 years on the web I have only gotten about 3 hate mails or hassled, so that is pretty good, so I should not let it get to me. The first one I agreed with the guy. He said that after reading my Q&A page that he thought I was an ass!. After I read it I thought the same thing too and changed it [now it is gone], the next one was some guy complaining about the green page that Betsy made and I kind of snapped at him. He sent me this huge long email detailing all the flaws with it….way to much time on his hands.  All well the week ended up good…got some frame work done and I finally re-built my mtn bike after about 6 months of it being torn apart. Nice to have it back and in better condition….to wet to ride, so maybe this fall.

I am off with my family to Cape Cod for a little while and this is our last trip of the summer. We will have a great time and then I will be back in the shop 6/7 days a week for many months leading up to Open House on Oct 18th.

Oh yea, I was interviewed by a reporter from Market Place on NPR. It will air on Aug 18th at 6;30PM on 90.9 in Boston [not sure around the country for the time]


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5 Responses to Stuff breaking, hate mail, road rage and going on vacation…again!

  1. Molnar says:

    You would think that the morons in cars would be grateful that you are riding a bicycle instead of driving a car and thereby driving up the price of the gasoline they buy. But the thing about morons is that they are too stupid to realize you’re doing them a favor.

  2. fixedgear says:

    Matt Chester told this story:

    A girlfriend once came up behind me while wasting time on a library computer:
    GF: “What are you looking at?”
    MC: “Oh, some discussion forum (mtbr, iBOB, Fixed Gear Archive, dunno). I like to see what’s going on sometimes.”
    GF: “What, so people get on there and talk about bikes and bike riding and stuff?”
    MC: “Yeah, pretty much. Sometimes there’s some heated exchanges.”
    GF: “About bikes?”
    MC: “Yeah, sometimes.”
    GF: “Why don’t they get a [blanking] life and go ride bikes?”


    So yeah, unsolicited email from folks about what now? Your web page design?

  3. bob phillips says:

    have a great time on the cape, mike.

  4. Charley says:

    Great interview, Mike!

    You can hear the whole thing here:

    It’s great that the tide is turning, and I’m totally excited that I’ll help turn the tide on my ANT!

  5. Hal says:


    I’ve been reading your recent posts. I’m sorry the pinheads seem to be coming out in force of late, both online and on-road, but they’re inescapable. People get angry on the road due to hating their life, and rather than trying to fix their lives they decide to inflict it on other people. As for hatemail, the one thing being online for a while has taught me is that the average person sending you hate mail is either just dumb or is seeking attention (probably two ways of saying the same thing). You gotta let it go, but it sounds like you’re already doing that pretty well.

    You do wonderful, unique work, and I hope to be able to get an ANT before I am too old to ride one.

    Take care,


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