“NPR and back in the shop”

Here is a link to the NPR interview http://marketplace.publicradio.org/display/web/2008/08/18/commuter_bikes/

I am pretty happy with the story and it is nice to have some more national recognition. The Public radio website is very good and I was impressed the links to my photos, blog and a comments section; however they did show photos of my mountain bike rather than my commuting bike? All well another way for new people to find me:)

My friend/customer Bob L. up in Maine called me to ask my advice about Worksman Bicycles in NYC

http://worksmancycles.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/indbikes.html I think these bike are pretty cool, in a crappy kind of way. Very heavy duty bikes and not to bad a price for made in USA products. Don’t expect real handmade quality, but very useful bikes that will last a good while. I would just change a few things, like the saddle, handlebars and add some lights. Bob is going to order the Basket bike model. Base model at $519, plus shipping, then another $200/300 or so fixing it up. Bob was thinking about a long bike, but after riding my shop Basket bike decided that would be better suited for him.

Sometimes I wish I had a small or medium sized factory building inexpensive bikes similar to these, but of course better; however if I did that I would have to be a manager rather than a builder or a builder that is owned and managed!

We had a nice little trip down to Cape Cod. For the last few years Betsy’s mom would let us use her house for a week, but she just sold it, so no more of that for us. we biked to the beach all week, using the trailer and the kids had thier saddle bags too. I was trying to relax on the beach and do some reading, but I was itching to get back into the shop and get some work done. I have some bikes that have crept up into the red zone on delivery time and I really want to deliver them, as well as working daily until Open House on Oct 18th

Not much more time until summer is gone. This has been a rainy, stormy, cold summer here in New England and I hope that we ease into a very nice fall.

Here are a few more interesting bicycle links that you all may enjoy…not about bicycle commuting, but interesting.

http://www.klunkerz.com/ I have not seen this yet, but want to.

http://www.clunkers.net/ Awesome images of old klunkers

http://jacquiephelan.wordpress.com/ Just plain cool.

http://www.cunninghambikes.com/ Great inovator.

http://coconinocycles.blogspot.com/ Steve is a good guy and has fishing on his blog. I don’t like fishing, but he makes it look fun!

7 thoughts on ““NPR and back in the shop”

  1. Saw “Klunkerz”” on one of it’s first nights here in San Rafael at the Mill Valley Film Festival. Sat next to some of the bike pioneers/stars of the film and enjoyed what Billy had to say afterwards. The crowd was uproarious! I would definitely recommend the film as a great appreciation for innovation in it’s truest form.
    PS – great story on NPR, Mike. Thanks again!

  2. all very cool stuff!

    cool bikes
    cool piece on public radio (even if I heard in on my computer)
    and cool set of links

    that mountain bike looks like a Klunker all Kleaned up!

    good stuff!

  3. thanks for the props, mike! your work is a great insperation to me in many ways. cheers, steve garro, coconino cycles. PS, fishing season is almost over, leading up to the dark purgatory of bike building, WINTER. steve.

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