“More press and Open House”


I got a call from the NY Times last week about using a photo of the Basket Bike for an article on stuff for the home. Just found it today! http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2008/09/18/garden/20080918_BLOGGER_APTTHERAPY.html

The Blogger that listed my bike as something to be desired was this place called  Apartment Therapy which lead me to a link on an ANT bike that went to Brooklyn http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ny/at-email/ant-bikes-the-fanciest-roadster-in-the-usa-email-from-8708-059578#comments

I had never heard of this blog and was surprised to find my bike on it [I am glad to find it posted]. I am always amazed at the comments section on these blogs [of all types]. I think someday I need to write something up to address the issues of cost and sense of worth when it comes to any type of commuter bicycles [mine and other options].

This is truely the year of the City Bike and it is only going to get better. I am so glad that I ventured into this 7 years ago, not just to be on the leading edge of something. Making commuter bicycles have been a life long desire of mine and now the time has finally come. Like may aspects of life, on one side we everything coming apart at the seams and on the other side life is getting so much better. Lets just hope that the good things in life [ self propulsion, human power, clean food and water, livable communities, non-violent solutions to complex problems, education on self relianece..make your own shit here in the usa etc…] can overcome the the destruction of our world [multi trillion dollar wars, greedy housing developments, dubious loan institutions, driving cars like maniacs, angry people]. I think we are doing well, but still slogging through a bloody mess.

Our Open House is only one month away! October 18th 11am to 5/6pm? Rain or shine, Bike rides, Vegitarian Indian food by Dosa Temple, shop tours and scavenger hunt, tricycle races! Lots of fun:)

I will be cutting tubes for Jeff B’s bike today and also Billy S’s bike soon after. I have had a few people cancel orders, one frame built for someone that can not take delivery until next year and a few people that are next that have not returned my emails. So this is good news for those further up on the list, because I will just go up the line.


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3 Responses to “More press and Open House”

  1. bob phillips says:

    hey mike, i don’t know if you’ve seen this but trek is jumpin’ on the bandwagon. which is good, mostly.

  2. bob phillips says:

    ^i forgot the link:
    Times are changing?

  3. d*pow says:

    mike, never read comments on those things, strictly for haters. oh, and vespa owners.
    You make wonderful bikes, keep up the good work.

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