“Not working enough remorse…and the Lerberg Bro’s”

The last two days I had an opportunity to work a million hours, but did not and are now kicking myself for it! Besty went to a conference and I was free to work forever on Sunday and had big plans [getting ready for our Open House and making lots of bikes for it etc…]. However I found out about this ride in the city that looked like fun http://www.cambridgebikes.org/Fall2008/index.html I decided to go and if I did not and was working all day Sunday that I would regret it. I was 5 minutes late! and missed them I rode around looking for the ride, but to no avail. I ended up riding around Somerville and Cambridge and visted many friends [Bomber Dave and Geekhouse Marty] that I have not seen in 6 months or more [a year?] Marty is doing well and has a great looking little space in Allston. Dave is still making stuff out of metal [I worked with Dave at Fat]. I was riding through Harvard Sq and bumped in to some guy that is starting a Urban bike shop in the Sq and he got me a free pizza at Veggie Planet…good bike love there too. I miss living in Boston area and all the people I used to be close to and can just drop by to see. That is the way it was in the city and knowing so many people in the bike/art/music world…being able to just drop in on a friend and hang out…not needing to make a date. Lastly I went to see Mike and Ruchi. I used to work with Mike at Fat. They bought a house last year and have been working on it steady and had a great garden going on. I stayed for dinner along with Mike’s bro and another friend Jason. I had a great time and did not get home until midnight or so.

On Monday Rick from Minneapolis came to pick up his bike and was planning on riding down to RI to visit his uncle. I had planned on riding with him out 10 or so miles too. The bike came out great and he was very happy with it. The day was a perfect cool sunny fall day:) We went on a few new nice back roads I had not been on and will now be a new way for me to get down to Providence. I was very happy to have gone on a little ride with Rick, but now it is Tuesday and the Open House is closing in on me…which leads to my not working enough remorse! But the Open House is going to be the best one yet and a lot of people are planning on coming in town for it from All over the Northeast. I have Janet Attard [Janet Bike Girl] coming down from Toronto and Mark Lerberg coming up from Arizona

I have to say that the Lerberg Brothers have now moved into ANT history! Mark and Justin bought a two framesets a few years ago, then placed an order for cross frames last year [still need to make them] and have now bought 4 demo bikes over the last few months! That is the most of any family out there…except mine, but very close. I have a lot of return customers, which I really like and appreciate and is a great feeling. I think that may happen with many builders too, but not sure?

Well I feel better writing about not working enough and now will get my ass going! Stay tuned for more pictures on Flicker


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7 Responses to “Not working enough remorse…and the Lerberg Bro’s”

  1. Billy says:

    Those red tires are great. What are they?

  2. antbikemike says:

    650B x 42mm Gand Bois tires. You can buy them from Jan Heine at Vintage Bike Quarterly

  3. Ahren says:

    Sounds like you don’t feel too bad about having a great Sunday to ride and visit friends ;^) But what can I say, it’s past midnight and I’m still at the shop!

    Wish I could be at your open house.

  4. bob phillips says:

    mike, was that you ridin’ near brattle street sunday morning? i was on my rain bike fixed gear. after i’d ridden a few blocks i turned around and went to see, but you (if it was you) were gone.

  5. bicycle repairman says:

    Have a great open house, bummed that I won’t be able to come up. Marc is a great guy, you’ll like him.
    p.s. did you get the coffee?

  6. antbikemike says:

    Hi Tim, yes we met Marc at NAHBS is San Jose. We are looking forward to having him out. Coffee? Did not get it yet, maybe next week? We will miss having you here for Open House.

    Bob, that was me in Cambridge. I called out to you, but you did not recognize me. See you at open House.

  7. Rich says:

    Don’t make too many cross bikes… Mike H. and I were chatting at a race recently that we have 2 of the very limited batch of ANT CX bikes and we liked it that way 🙂

    Really bummed that I won’t make the open house this year… too many conflicts with the family and such. Have fun!!

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