My friend Ahren Rogers at Banjo bikes, just sent me this link.



Very interesting…more on this later, just wanted to post it….oh yea it is 20 minutes long, so this will take some time to watch.


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4 Responses to “Interesting”

  1. Cezar says:

    She was very convincing until her computer example came up. “All you need to do is replace this one piece, but you can’t because it’s a different shape”

    Being a computer programmer, I know that it’s much much more than that. There is entirely new technology behind a new generation of CPUs and motherboards. Different data protocols, different designs (on the electronic level) of Ram.

    Until that point it was great.

  2. antbikemike says:

    Cezar,Yes you are right and this film is a very simplfied view and with no real solutions either:(
    I still find it interesting. The details may be fuzzy, but our cultures consumption of mass quatities is an obvious problem that I have always tried to address in some way. I am part of it too making my bikes and other aspects of my life. But I think there are some solutions and riding bicycles as transportation [new or used] is one of the many new ways to look at life and how we can all be happier.
    I have to add that I can relate to her [uninformed] view with the computer. In the bike business this incompatable parts problem IS created by the part makers. With a constant need to upgrade with a complete unit. Not many of the new part are serviceable. In most cases it is cheaper to buy new than to service:( I would be much happier with a consistant quailty and availability…I could go on and on, but I just thought the film was good and wanted to share it.

  3. Very well done. I like it, and I will share it with as many folks I can. The computer thing, yes I agree with you all… but that was her point on the obsolescence factor. I have been doing video and design for many years on the same refurbished mac and I see no reason for my compy to be any faster. I could be mis-informed, but there are only to reasons to have a faster computer – better games – and for me I could give a rat’s ass, remember when bicycles were in place of video games and there wasn’t an obesity plague? And the other reason being so I can work faster? Forget that, the world needs to slow the F*** down. Overnight shipping and computers has turned what once was a few week design process for me – is now expected in one day and for that same fraction in price.
    I want to be allowed to spend more time researching and building a timeless, long lasting, smart solution to any given problem, and that happens less and less now, even when I am told that’s what the client wants during the brief.
    Mike, you have the life.
    I hope I can find a way to live that provides the world with a solution that is timeless in beauty and will last forever that people will gladly wait for – the way you do. That Is what makes me truly happy – doing something you love and find pride in the perfection that people will fall in love with and cherish forever.
    Happy Trails Mike!

  4. david says:

    Over-simplified? Yes. On the right track? Yes. I think this is a pretty good primer on globalization, stringing together a lot of important concepts. I often get overwhelmed trying to keep remember how it all fits together, and besides, I’m a proud member of the Society for the Restatement of the Obvious.

    Just had a new thought (rare for me): it took us a little while to construct the tangle that we’re in, so its probably unrealistic to think we can untangle ourselves quickly and easily. Of course, it’s hard to sell that to the peeps. Going the right direction will involve slow and hard going, that’s not a good enough reason to continue going the wrong direction. Not really a new thought, I guess.

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