“Great Open House”

Shop scavenger hunt

Shop scavenger hunt

This years Open House was a lot of fun! Everything went well. The weather was a perfect cool sunny day and the foliage was at its best, food arrived on time and was fantastic, everyone had fun with the bike rides, scavenger hunt, trike race and track stand event and….no one got hurt;)

Here is a video sent by Eric M. of the trike race. Austin winning the kids race and Tony Maietta winning the adult race…later Austin won the final with Austin and Tony!

It was so nice to have so many people come and to have ALL of the food eaten. We had many new people come and many great friends from all around the country. I sent out many thank you emails today, if I missed you please let this post let you know that we really appreciate your visit…the Opening would be nothing without the people to come see us! And ANT would be nothing without our customers. We had Marc Lerburg come up from Pheonix, Al and Pat came up from NJ, Randy, Perry and Laura from Albany, some friends from CT and a whole bunch of people with Chris and Brian at Circle A Cycles  We also had a visit from Charlotte of Chic Cyclist and a whole buch of people from Seven…and only one from IF [Jamie]…and the day would be lost without Marty and pals at GeekHouse bikes. We had so many friends ride out from Boston….the list could go on and on! I think we had about 70 people?

Betsy and I had a wonderful time and we will be talking about this one for a long time, thanks again to everyone that came!

I spent a long time today cleaning up and taking the tables & chairs back to the rental place and the trays to Dosa Temple, sending emails and loading up the pictures….it was another perfect cool sunny day and I was really beat and worn out. No better way to fix that than to leave early and go for a ride on my fixed. I ran some errands on my bike and soaked up some sunlight and came home after dark…that will be something to get used to with winter coming. It is supposed to get crappy with rain and such, so I thought I would blast out and come back tomorrow to work hard. It was real nice to ride alone and get my self back together. The Open house is my favorite event of the year, but is very taxing on me. The prep is exhausting and the event while absolutely a blast is also very difficult on the brain and body….feeling great now

Today while I was driving around taking back all the rental stuff I was listening to Fresh Air. Terri Gross had a guest that had written a book that is on my night table in my line on whats next books. Michael Pollan wrote “In Defense of Food”, a book that I think everyone should read [along with many others]. I was very impressed with what he had to say and if you are interest too then listen to this pod cast on the NPR website [40 min] http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=95896389 The interview will do much more than I can write here.

While times are getting worse, they are also getting better…and I want to be involed the getting better part!

My short list on this is:

Riding to work more often

A bigger Victory garden

Buying more local food [much more than I have been]

Writing to my Representatives on matters of importance

I have a lot of thoughts on the way things are going with all of us and plan to write about it at some point, but will have to put in on hold for now and get to making some bikes;)


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3 Responses to “Great Open House”

  1. Perry says:


    Jo Ellen and I finally made it up from CT this year. I’m sorry we didn’t do it sooner. You and Betsy were great hosts and we were so impressed with you both, the shop, and of course your work. In a time where economic value is hard to grasp–so much paper flying about and potentially disappearing–it is wonderful to see someone like you create things of beauty and intrinsic value with your own two hands. I wish you all the best.

    PS: I saw your wonderful photos on flickr and I have some of my own here:


  2. Ray says:

    I cannot get the Kodak gallery to display.
    So I am sad.
    But I did okay in the trike race, and had a fantastic day, so I really don’t mind. Thanks again, Mike and Betsy!

  3. smasher says:

    Mike (and Betsy):

    Thanks again for hosting such a great event, and for providing such a great destination for a beautiful fall ride from Somerville.

    You guys rock!

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