Fear of not blogging? I had seen on Ira Ryan’s blog that he was fearful of not blogging [keeping people in touch with their bikes on order/shop business and such] and I have to say that I am in the same boat;)


Blogs that I like to frequent are Chic Cyclist, Urban Velo and Eco Velo. There are others too, but post more often, Urban Velo having the most frequent post. My friend Joel says I should stop blogging and get to work on his bike! [his 3rd ANT] He is right in some ways, but I think if you are waiting many months for a bike from me this is good way to stay in touch. Customer turned friends like Joel and many of my customers become friends…I think I need to come up with a new term for my new friends…friendstomers? Custofriends? Joel helped me move my shop out to Holliston…a real trooper and helping move milling machines makes you a friend that is for sure;)

Bob G. came out Saturday and picked up his Light Roadster 8. A very nice classic ANT that will be used daily:)


I got Marc Lerburgs bike welded up here.


I have Billy’s frame at Circle A Cycles being painted. He wanted pink panels which I can not do with my powder coating set up [just solid colors]. I had thought when he ordered the bike [last year] that I would have some more mylar panels in colors, but I find that 99.9 percent of everything I make has just the headbadge[the way I like them]. I have nothing against panels or fancy paint [I was painter for 10 years]. I just do not want to do it and do not want to do wet paint anymore. I send all repair and repaint referrals to Circle A Cycles [not on ANTs, just inquiring cyclist looking for repair help etc…]. So if you need any one for that kind of work Circle A is a good place to go.

I have some racks and stems ready for upcoming bikes in line. My new rack design is working out good. I made some changes to the tooling process this last week and that has helped with the consistancy.


One reason I did not blog for a while is that I had some post party, pre election depression:(  

For me life is looking up now, even with all the bad business going on. Job loss is going to be bad for many and that may or may not lead to loosing my own occupation, however I also think that due to being forced to make change in the way or culture conducts themselves, nothing but good can come out of it. I feel that we are at the doorstep of a Utopian lifestyle…yet at the same time at the doorstep of disaster. We have the technology to make a more healthy life and less stressful living arrangement…and I KNOW that riding a bicycle for transportation is one of the ways to get there.

On a last note I would really like to thank everyone that has a bike on order for your patience with me. Bob G’s bike took 14 months! Much longer than I expected. Billy’s also is taking that long and the next many to come have been waiting as well.

Well I need to get back to the welding table!



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2 Responses to “Blogsofear”

  1. bento says:

    Thanks for the photos.

    Could you help me to understang the welding méthod that are you using there?


    • antbikemike says:

      This is TIG welding [Tungsten Inert gas Welding]. I use pure argon for the shielding gas and 2% thoriated Tungsten 3/32″ and ER70S weld wire.

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