“Cold Saw”

Scotchman cold saw

Scotchman cold saw

I love my Scotchman Cold Saw:)  I found this last year on Craigslist and jumped to buy it. It was being sold for $750 by a fellow who’s father in-law died and he was in charge of getting rid of all of his tools in a hurry. He had a bunch of other nice tools for cheap too, but this was all I could swing at the time. This is a $4,500 saw…something I thought I would never be able to buy. It was in great condition, but I did have to spend a day cleaning it, because of the gummed up condition from sitting. I also had to buy some new blades for steel tubes, coolant and eventually a new coolant pump. What makes the Scotchman better than most other cold saws is the dual clamping self centering vice [clamps both sides of the tube, cuts in the middle of the vice]. This keeps the metal from vibrating.

This saw saves my lungs and keeps the chips down [stays put with the water based coolent], also it cuts straight, which is great for head tubes [do not have to face on the lathe now] and has been great for other tool making/big metal cutting. It is also good for repeated cutting. Now all you really need to get things done is a vice and a hack saw and you can move up to a fiber chop saw [really bad for you] or a metal band saw [works but does not cut straight…at all].

For the last year I had wanted to make a sliding ruled stop and adjustable support for the cold saw, but never made time. This helps with cutting multiple cuts of the same tube and with out having to make and scribe marks on the tube/metal…just set the stop using the ruler, clamp the vise and cut.

Ruled stop
Ruled stop

 I was cleaning up the shop yesterday and thought I should make the time to make this tool. A year is long enough of putting this off and I had bought the materials about a month ago. This will save me a lot of time and this also holds long tubes and such [6 ft long] from falling out of the vice when you loosen it.

I have a lot of bikes in process, powder coated and ready to ship, boxed, some need wheels built and parts hung on them. I will be cutting tubes on Dario’s fixed gear bike today. This bike will be Dario’s 2nd ANT!
Last month I got in touch with a friend of mine about helping me in the shop with doing final assemblies and wheel building. Her name is Joanna V. and she was one of the collective members at Broadway Bicycle School for about 8 years? Joanna has helped me with assemblies before getting ready for NAHBS [big crunch time]. She does a good job, builds a great wheel and stays focused [not interrupting me, asking questions about frame building etc…]. Joanna knows about internal gear hubs, fenders, lights and chain-guards…and like I said can build great wheels…all of these skills very much lacking in most bike mechanics. I hope to have her coming in once a week to help out and maybe twice a week if I can get that much done. Not sure how long this can last with a little shop like mine, but it is sure nice to have some competent help;)
I would like to mention and say thank you to all the people that emailed wishing my family and I a Happy Thanksgiving. We had a good one with family and friends.

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2 Responses to “Cold Saw”

  1. Ahren says:

    Yay Vomit!!!

  2. Ray says:

    Good scoop, Mike!
    My JV wheels are always really good ones.

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