I have Dario’s 26″ wheel fixed gear, rough stuff frame and fork all welded up and will be doing the finish work on Monday. This bike will be a lot of fun with the only add on being a front brake.

I had Joanna assemble Diana D’s Light Roadster up on Friday and it looks very nice and will be a  very useful and fun bike to have.


Today my family and I will be visiting Taza Chocolate in Somerville MA for their Holiday tours of the factory. ANT rider Alex Whitmore is part owner of the enterprise and we have been looking forward to seeing the operation for some time now!

I got a phone call from Don Walker of NAHBS the other day and I am getting excited about going to the show and have been getting my line up of bikes to take this year. I think everyone will be surprised at the turn out at Indianapolis this year and I am looking forward to meeting many of my Midwestern customers.


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2 Responses to “Taza”

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  2. Mark says:

    When I say the picture of you working on Dario’s bike, I thought hey, wait a minute. This picture was a copy of you working on another bike a few postings back. Is he just pasting in a generic photo to represent working on someone’s bike? I scrolled back and forth and I discovered the photos are slightly different (note the rag coming out of the yellow box is slightly shorter). Kind of reminded me of the game where you are supposed to find “one of these things are not like the other”. Well it is a different photo after all. I have no way to know that it is Dario’s bike. Hopefully he knows that it is his. Lucky guy!

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