“sANTa clause”

Hello all and Happy Holidays!

Here is an old xmas picture of a friend of mine on his cargo bike:)


The weekend long snow storm kind of set me back, but a  lot of work has been going on in the ANT shop trying my best to get a lot done before the holidays. Having Joanna doing assemblies has sped the process up and I feel assured that the wheels and bikes are being built right.

Here is Sam Ds 8 speed Roadster with a custom basket rack. California set up [no fenders].


Completed bikes have been going up on the Flicker page as we get them done and next frames in line have been tack welded. I finally got David B’s new MT tacked. He has been very patient with me. I had made a few mistakes on his original bike that I had built this summer and had vowed to replace it with a new one. His fork had a dent in it and the rear dropouts were not perfect, so I set out to make a new one for him, but it has taken me this long to make the new one. I just everyone to be completely satisfied with their bike. His old frame and fork  [59cm]will be up for sale when I get it back in Jan.


Next in line for tacking should be Dan H’s 29er, but I need to make the dropouts. Mark E’s Rohloff bike will be shortley after, but waiting on my new dropouts to be made. Steven V’s bike might leap frog due to having all the stuff and parts too. 

Today we got Glenn S. MT assembled and I have to say a very nice ride! It has all the good stuff and simple too…just a great fat tire bike. White Ind double /double crank, BB, hubs, freewheel, nitto stem ,post, bars, pauls levers! Glenn as well has been very patient with me. This bike is coming in at 13 months!


Here id Dario’s 26″ fixed gear rough stuff bike.




I have Darren Ms bike all coated and ready for parts which are on the way and will be built up next week.

I am very excited about the new year coming. Even though I have had a bikes delivering in 12 months or more I am finally bringing that in. I will have to figure out what my new lead times will be in the next month, but I am pretty sure that it will be more like 6 or less. A lot of this will have to do with not taking on full custom work [road, 29ers etc…] and only making my Roadsters and cargo bikes.

 I have some great projects in the works for a new production bike, new dropouts and more color options. I have also been getting more inquiries about long bikes, so I am going to make one of those too. I have been looking at all the available designs and are trying to decide on how to make the frame. I had always been more in favor with the front load cargo bikes, but it seems that more people like the rear loader Xtracycles style. I thought that I would need to make an addition to my frame jig for long bikes, but just discovered today that I do not.

My new projects will fit in line with the up coming events of NAHBS and the Boston sustianable show D2E

Well I need to get back to work, before I close up shop for the next several days for xmas. Everyone have a fun holiday:)


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3 Responses to “sANTa clause”

  1. Mark says:

    Sure is great to see the new bikes against the backdrop of snow. Your fans from Texas are equally impressed with the new bike (with the red rim) and the new pile of snow. Merry Christmas all.

  2. Dan H says:

    The idea of an ANT long bike is fantastic. Just how am I supposed to explain to my wife I want to order another bike…?

    I dig the snow too, and miss it alot.

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