“Happy New Year”

A Happy New Year to all:)

I saw this news post on Yahoo about buying American Steel😉  I could not agree more…buy American made steel bikes!

Anyone that knows me can tell you that I am am mostly and optimist, but at the same time a cynic and I deal with the downside of life with a comical outlook, making jokes in areas most people do not go. The way I see it…if you can not laugh…you are done for. However sometimes I let myself get bogged down with doom and destruction. Every once and awhile I read the blog Clusterfuck Nation by Jim Kunstler. I think this is good reading and you should read his book “The Long Emergency” After reading some Kunstler I will put on my record [vinyl] of “KOYAANISQATSI“, blast it loud in my shop and work away making bicycles that I think…might make a difference in the world;)  I like the meditative state that Phillip Glass makes with this soundtrack. I think it works well for me and is quite fitting for my outlook and it keeps me in contact with my thoughts and direction of when I was a teen…doom and distruction around the corner, but yet optimistic enough that you can do something to slow the process down. I think that the tide is turning for us bicyclist, gardeners and do it yourselfers…supporting your local economy.

I am having some new custom dropouts made for the LR and Cargo bikes and I am very excited about that and will have the last piece of it next week.  A slider dropout designed and made right here in Holliston MA and Brockton MA. I hired a new local friend [Nathaniel Smith Design] to make the CAD drawings for me. Ned has been a great resource and easy to work with. He used to do design for a local furniture company, but that place bit the dust or moved and now all the places he was doing prototype work for has been put on hold [slow economy taking hold]. I ran into him at the gas station[getting our vans inspected] and struck up conversation leading to him saying he could do some drawing’s for me if I needed…and I was like yes I do.  So many times I have tried to get designers to help with me with projects like this and they loose my sketches, can’t finish the drawings and then also say…you could have this made in Taiwan for really cheap! Oh yea…how about I send your job to Taiwan! Those people just don’t get it.

My family and I had a wonderful Holiday, but I am very glad to be back in the shop. As far as ANT goes I am very excited for the new year. Our focus on the new projects and NAHBS will be taking up a lot of my thoughts and time.

I would like to say Thank You to all of the people that wrote to us and sent cards and such. It is very nice to get that personal touch and to know so many good people [especially on days when I have to deal with some asshole on the road…speeding, tailgating, throwing trash etc…]

I have a new Boston Roadstercoming out soon. This bike will be made to compete with the Dutch bikes…lighter and better, but in the same price range. I am building the first one in the next week and sending it to Bicycling Magazine for a review to come out in the May issue and also hopefully a ladies version at the same time [for Photos]. I am still working out a few details, but soon to be released.

The last few days I have been trying my best to complete some various warranty bikes, repaints [on ANTs] and crashed bikes being fixed. I wanted to start the new year with nothing to do but new orders and prototypes. I am almost done with these projects and it feels good to have a clean slate. There will always some shop related work to be done [that is not bike building], but I am looking forward to having mostly just bike building.

It has been snowing a lot and cold too. I really have not been riding at all. I bought some new studded tires [my old studs were worn off] and hope to get going on the bike again soon. This happens every year. It gets cold and snowy and I just stop…get a bit used to it and then start riding again.

I have taken a look through all of my orders in the past years and will be counting up how many ANTs are in each state and posting that next week [don’t have time today]. I have always had a rough idea of where all the bikes are, but it will be interesting to see the breakdown.


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8 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Perry says:

    and then also say…you could have this made in Taiwan for really cheap! Oh yea…how about I send your job to Taiwan! !

    LOL. One of the best things I’ve ever read. Good for you.

  2. Peter T says:

    Your mention of Jim Kunstler caused me to watch and enjoy this video again:

    He’s angry. I like him.

  3. jorge says:

    “I have a new Boston Roadster coming out soon. This bike will be made to compete with the Dutch bikes…lighter and better, but in the same price range.”

    As I am in the market for a frame of this type, this excites me. I’m am looking at a kruisframe myself. I am curious if your design will incorporate the relaxed (64-66 degrees) head and seat tube angles of this type of bicycle. Will it have the dutch geometry or will it be closer to traditional road geometry?

    if it’s the former, wow! it is impossible to find this geometry in the US. i believe as more people turn to bikes, this geometry is a lot more useful, for evidence one need only look at what most of the planet is riding while carrying children, livestock, etc.

    good luck with this endeavor and i hope to be a customer perhaps sooner rather than later.

  4. steve garro says:

    cool post Mike. happy new year! hey, you know i grew up on the border of the navajo/hopi reservations and grew up going to katsina ceremonies, so koyaanisquatsi strikes a cord with me…….i even got to see the snake dance when i was a kid. keep rockin’ it real-time. i’m digging your economic vibe, steve.

  5. phil Smith says:


    Happy new year to you and Betsy!

    Cool to read about the P Glass. Rivers of the Amazon got me through an important part of my life – I know the effect.

    Sometime, pick up Gould’s first recording (from the 50s?) of the Bach Goldberg Variations. There are lots of recordings of these (I’ve listened to many of them), but that first Gould version is sheer genuis in a way that Glass doesn’t quite achieve. That groove that K’ski or Rivers creates becomes a Grand Canyon of thought and emotion – deep, wide and beautiful – and really helps tune out the piddling distractions of the daily mediocrity.

  6. chris mello says:

    Hey Mike, just thought I’d pass on some news I got this morning. Jtek out of Minnesota now has a bar-end shifter for the Alfine/Nexus 8 speed hubs. Maybe a new option for the bikes? I’ll be trying on on my BR as soon as possible.

    Chris Mello

  7. Keith says:

    I can’t wait to see the Boston Roadster!

  8. I’m looking forward to hearing more information about the Boston Roadster!

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