“Henry Works Cycle”

My kids have a two hour delay for school today [for ice] and I am stuck at home for awhile. I thought I would check some email and found one from my friend Henry at Works Cycle

I have been meaning to get in touch with Henry for many years, but never wanted to call to Europe. When I found Henry Works Cycle I was very intrigued and after reading a bit about him I figured out that we had crossed paths many years ago [1989] at Fat City Cycles [Fat Chance].

Henry was working at Fat doing odd jobs and filling in here and there [doming, sand blasting whatever]. When I got there I had committed for extended service [kind of like an indentured servant]. Chris Chance hired me, took me back to the blast cabinet and told Henry to show me how to do it and then he could leave:(

It was a little bit of a weird start, but Henry was going to be taking a bunch of time off anyway, to drive someone’s car to Seattle and was not really interested in working his life away at Fat…and the rest is history;)

I finally made contact with Henry to talk about the bike transportation business and I was interested in buying some Shimano front dynamo hubs that use a roller brake. These are as common as dirt in Europe, but almost imppossible to get in the states. He is open to helping me out and hopefully someday Shimano America will be listening!

After talking with Henry about working at Fat it got me to thinking about old days at Fat. I have a bunch of old pictures of Fat City that I have been meaning to scan and up load to flicker…would anyone be interested in that?

9 thoughts on ““Henry Works Cycle”

  1. Mike,
    It was good fun talking the other day and it brought up fond memories of my short stint at Fat. I worked my way around the US bike industry but that place had a unique creative energy. Nowhere else would you find studded leather clad artisan athletes making bikes with a combination of high-tech and WW2 era machinery. All this in an old, drafty, leaking shed destined for destruction.

    Of the dozens of bikes I’ve owned my Wicked Fat is the only one I regret selling. It was pure no-BS quality, sound design and wouldn’t look at all strange in 2009.

    Looking forward to talking more.

    Regards from Amsterdam,

    ps: it’s “WorkCycles”, no “S” in the middle and all one word 😉

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