“NAHBS count down…and bike parts”

Matthias in AZ

Matthias in AZ

David B's MT in Utah
David B’s MT in Utah

David B in Utah put his MT together and sent some nice pictures in the snow. He built his bike up very well with a lot of USA made parts…Phil hubs, King HS and some Profile Racing cranks.

I now offer Profile Racing cranks with my Full suit ring on my Light Roadster. It is a great crank and it works with my chain guard too.
I also got a nice picture of Matthias in AZ. He has one of my early bikes from maybe 2003?…it took all this time to get a picture, but anytime is fine with me to see a happy customer on an ANT:)
For some reason now when I upload pictures to my blog it no longer has the blow up option. It used to make a larger picture automatically…all well what do you want for free;)
NAHBS!  I only have 27 days until I pack my van and drive to Indy!!!
I work well under pressure, but it is beginning to sink in that I need to work everyday and a lot smarter to get everything to fit in tot hat time frame.
The last week and days has been hell looking for the components I need for the next many bikes I have to build. Working with Shimano has been very difficult to say the least and my distributors really do not carry everything I need. I have been on the net and the phone with everyone I can trying to find the parts I need and I have finally found enough of the right parts to get me through the next month and to NAHBS.
I have not posted since the 18th? And I will not be doing much of that, with exception of showing off the bikes coming through. Emails and phone calls will be cut down for the next several weeks.
Here is what is going on in the shop right now.
Lacey P’s BR is done [pictures soon]
I am working on Dan H’s 29er frame set [that he plans on riding to NAHBS..from Tenn! Crazy]
Mark E’s Rohloff will be after that [hub finally in the mail!!]
Bob P’s LR
Zach W’s LR
Peter R’s LR
Peter T’ LR [show bike]
Lis T’s LR [show bike]
And I plan to make a new BR for the show and a new basket bike for the show [re-designed version]
I will draft some help in for some wheel building and assembly
Stay tuned for the bikes coming through…it will be many.

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4 Responses to “NAHBS count down…and bike parts”

  1. Matthew says:

    I will be at NAHBS Saturday. Looking forward to seeing the redesigned basket bike.

  2. msdottie says:

    Wow, sounds hectic! Hopefully you’ll have some time after the show to relax. Beautiful bike photos, as always. I look forward to seeing more as you post them.

  3. bob says:

    “bob p’s lr”. i like the sound of that!

  4. Michael says:

    Hey, I’ve been looking for handlebars like that — what brand/name are they?

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