“Camera broken”

I was going to upload some pictures of Peter and Elisabeth with their new ANT’s, but have found that my camera no longer works:(  It may be a long time until i can buy a new camera, which really sucks! I love to get my bikes pictures up on the site.

I did get a picture sent to me of Lacey on her first ride!

Lacey on her BR

Lacey on her BR

 Lacey looks good with her orange helmet and gloves and I really like the saddlebag/ purse.

I delivered Peter and Elisabeth’s LR’s this Sat in Somerville and had some family business to do in the eve, in Cambridge, so I spent the day riding around town. I had a lot of fun and was so ready to get some sun [it was a very nice day]. So many happy people out and about. As usual I bumped into a lot of friends out on the streets:) It seems that every time I am in town I run into Matt and Suzi on their tandem!

On Sunday I went to a impromtu bicycle swap meet hosted by MetroPed   I had planned on welding on Sunday, but again a very nice day [even better] and I thought it would be good to sell some stuff I had in storage and see a lot of bike people I know and would meet. Also MetroPed is located in the old Merlin building, which was next door to the old Fat City Cycles in Olive sq. The building that Fat was in is gone now with condos now built [which I now call the Chris Chance Condos]. It was nice to be outside in the warm sun set up in the old parking lot where we [Merlin & Fat people] would eat lunch. I am really glad that I did too, because today is about the worst kind of weather…snow, rain and sleet all at once with a high of 32/33 😦  …nice day to be in the shop.


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7 Responses to “Camera broken”

  1. Andrew says:

    Mike, that is a sweet bike, as usual.

    Do you have any idea who makes that bag? I think my wife’s bike could use something just like that. . .

  2. dottie says:

    Beautiful picture! She looks so happy with her orange bike and matching gloves and helmet 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your camera. Mine’s about to die, too, but I’m going to wait until its final breath. I don’t know what I’d do without a camera – how DID people survive without technology? It’s a well-known fact that nothing actually happened if there’s no digital back-up to prove it.

  3. skvidal says:

    Any idea what broke on the camera? Could be as simple as a new memory card.

  4. Xue says:

    Mike, I installed the city bars and brake levers I got from you at the swap. Love ’em! Thanks!

  5. Charlotte says:

    Love the helmet and gloves and bike… not in that order just top to bottom.

    I’m going to guess that’s a Basil Mirte bag.

  6. wenzday says:

    Hey Mike,
    So glad you enjoyed the swap meet. We will definitely do that again sometime soon. Speaking of pictures, there was a woman (i think she was with you) with cool glasses who was taking pics at the swap, does she have a site or a flickr?

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