I think blogging is wonderful. I really don’t have time for blogging or reading blogs, but there sure is a lot of great info out there for the many that can make the time [either way]. I know many people think blogs are a waste of time and people should be doing more…outside. But I am in favor of continuous information beingbrought out, found and posted. Just about anything you want to know or find info about can be found very easy now with search engines and blogs, websites etc…I am not a big fan of chat room and list serves, but those are good for some people to get the info they need.

On my blog I can see who has been writing about me or adds me as a link…which leads to me checking out their site or blog. You can also see what searches people use to find me [or things of interest on my site] and I can see what images people view and links clicked on [to other blogs or sites].

I found this blog recently “A Continuous Lean” from it’s List of American made things and clothing. I have become obsessed with finding more  and more American made cloths [all my work cloths are like 10 years old and need replacing] and want to only buy American made cloths or used. After finding this blog he made a post on my bikes! Pretty cool:)  With this list and this one I found some nice work pants…made in USA! Very reasonable in price and they fit great.

There have been other very good write ups on me and the new Boston Roadster Like this one ‘Bikes for the rest of us” and I really like this blog

Let’s go ride a bike” When you find these blogs…they have links, which leads to more links…just kind gos on and on!…and that is how many people find me.

The “Down To Earth” show was very good. I came closer to making a sale than any other event I have ever been too! [we never get sales at events]., however did not sell any soft goods:( … Lots of pretty girls and family’s, a much more balanced show attendence than the bike related shows. I think ANT fits better with the Eco shows than the all bike shows, but I still like both. We will still go to NAHBS…maybe. No venue has been chosen yet for 2010?

Redbones bike party has been moved to June 8th 2009 [just got the notice]. Again I will be giving away a Basket bike [my 6th year]. More details on that later.

I have been getting a lot of work done and have been getting help from a few unemployed friends. Lots of chop saw work and drilling holes. My shop is a mess right now, but sometimes metal dust looks good;)  My bike orders got a bit mixed up, due to lack of materails for some, but having it for others. I just moved to the bike that had the right stuff. I got most of the new material in on Friday and the rest coming in next week.

Got to go now.


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6 Responses to “Blogism”

  1. dottie says:

    Thanks for the mention – it means a lot coming from you! I love blogging and reading others’ blogs. I learned so much from them. Quite the contrary of what some may think, bloggers (at least bike bloggers) are always out and about having fun in the real world, otherwise they would have nothing to blog about. It takes only a bit of time to type up a post.

    All of the links in your post are broken, though (extra “http”?). 🙂

  2. antbikemike says:

    Ahh! The links in this post are not…linked! Sorry. Thanks for letting me know Dottie.

  3. Hal says:

    Mike — the links all come out as http//…. The semicolon (:) is missing between the http and the //. Not sure how you type it in when you enter a new post, but you can try either putting in the : or leaving off the http//.


  4. Alexi says:

    on work pants if you pay an extra 5 bucks you can have any of the carhartt pants made in the US. They are usually made in Mexico now (still union made however).
    Also nice to see that someone else reads a continuous lean”

  5. antbikemike says:

    I fixed all the links! Thanks for letting me know.

  6. Little Matters says:

    Hi Mike,

    I met you and Betsy at NAHBS.
    I posted a link to your site from my photo blog. Although most of my photos are not bike-related, I am such a bike freak that I have a bike-sites links section on my blog. Hope it’s okay that I added yours.


    Allison (from Chicago)

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