“Moving Sale”

Pulling Lathe up on truck

Pulling Lathe up on truck


I am actually not moving …yet. I sold my big lathe and milling machine to a machine tool dealer. Took a bit of a hit on them, but having a professional move your machines out is a safe way to get things done. Fred Unkauf has been in the machine tool business for a long time. He sold machines to Chris Chance way back when and one of those machines resides at Independent Fabrication too! Speaking of IF I sold some of my other horizontal mills that I no longer use. I am clearing up some space and getting ready for the possibility of moving.

 I am changing a few things around the shop and will be replacing these machines with smaller ones that run on 120V power [rather than the 22oV three phase], so this will make looking for new space a little easier. I know, I know…I could set up a rotary phase converter to run 3 phase, but you still need 220V single phase and those converters are noisy…just simplifying 😉

I am selling several of my bicycles that are in perfect condition and will have them on the Demo Page, so please take  a look.

Roadster Der.

Roadster Der.

I do this almost every June. My liability Ins and health Insurance are due [annual and quarter, about $3,000]. I am waiting to hear on a space that is closer to my home and would like to have my first, last and deposit ready if the space works out. As well as the cost with moving. And lastly every summer I build a prototype bike or want to test something out, so build a new bike [so buy these bikes!]. I want to test out the Stumey Archer 8 speed hub and also the SRAM I 9 speed hub  I will be building  a new Boston Roadster to test out the Stumey hub and a Light Roadster to test out the SRAM I 9 speed hub. I will also be making some prototype chain guards for these bikes and making a few changes here and there [and seeing if I like that].

I have not posted in a month! I was motivated to stay focused and get several bikes out that were very late or delayed for one reason or another. It feels very good to get that work done and move on to the next bikes [that are not late]. I am very impressed with people that can keep a blog going on a daily or weekly basis, but it is difficult for me to do that. I do like to keep people informed about my shop and business.

On that note. The 13th annual Redbones Bike Party will be this coming Monday 5pm to 9pm. I have been the main sponsor for almost all of those years and have been raffling off a Cargo or Basket bike for the last 6 years! This will be my 7th year to do this and I have to say that this has made the event what it is and has risen the tide of offerings in the raffle [raises money for MASSBIKE and NEMBA]. I hope that someone worthy wins the bike! Last year was a mess 😦 and really made me sad. This guy won and then he said that he just bought a bike [at a sporting good store] and then went on to say that the ticket actually belongs to a friend of his. I was like OK…give it to her or I can deliver it in my van. He calls them and she shows up with her boyfriend with a truck. This guy starts acting like he won the bike! The first thing he says is “Whats it worth?”…the small crowd around us was stunned :(…then he asked…”Doe’s it come with anything else?”…this is a fully equipped ANT! The next day the guy calls me trying to get me to sell it for him! I told him very politely…NO. He sold it on Craigslist several months later to someone I know that loves the bike. I do not know why these people were even there? Out the hundreds of bike people there? I have to say that there was only one year that is really satisfying for me. The year that Joe Tack won the bike. Joe worked at Harpoon Brewery and was a bike person. When he won the bike he was jumping and screaming! Almost every other year the winner did not even know what they won 😦  

Well anyway…come to Redbones, have a good time and win this bike!

I got a call from someone about building an Indoor Velodrome in MA. He wants people to fill out this survey…check it out. I think it would be pretty fun to have [if I can go there, get a beer and watch some racing].


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6 Responses to “Moving Sale”

  1. Chris Henry says:

    If there is any way to buy a ticket “from away” I would like to. The cause is worthwhile and if I were lucky enough to win, I know I would be very happy to have that bike.

    And I wouldn’t be selling it on Craigslist either.

    I am glad to hear the cargo bike is in the hands of someone who appreciates it. As it should be.

  2. Chris Henry says:

    Beautiful roadster, BTW.

    Will the i-9 have disc brakes?

  3. dottie says:

    Oh man, what an amazing price for that Light Roadster! Wish I could buy another bike 🙂

  4. Charlotte says:

    I’ll be there, just for the chance at an ANT!

  5. Trevor says:

    If only the Light Roadster fit I would pick it up in a heartbeat. The price is amazing. Got anything for someone 6 feet tall?

    Sorry to hear about last years redbones bike party miss hap. If I lived closer or could buy tickets online I would that’s a great cause. Hopefully this year the winner will actually want the bike and not just the “value”. Have fun!

  6. Tim Gray says:

    Mike, one of these days I’l be able to make it up there for the Redbones party… I still remember our stop there on the bike tour of Boston. GOOD TIMES.

    I know I love my A.N.T.s, all of them… got my own antfarm going…

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