“Redbones a success”

Raffle winner....very happy.

Raffle winner....very happy.

Well I am very happy to say that the Redbones Bike Party and raffle was huge success! I got the happy, deserving winner that I wanted 🙂

Dan Townsend of Arlington MA was an enthusiastic winner, that was very pumped about winning the bike and was already making plans to get rid of his car.

This was the best year for the event with great weather and Anne did the best job yet for organizing the event. I had some great help from Betsy and Mike the mailman [local Holliston hero]. It was fun to see so many old friends and ANT owners, but missed all that could not attend. [even though the turn out was very big].

I made the raffle bike in the shortest time yet. On Saturday I was here to build the bike over the weekend and then I cut my right hand really bad! I was trying pull a hole saw out of the mill and when it came free I slammed my hand into the vise…with a tube in it. It was pretty freaky and I was very sad thinking of the trouble this is going to cause me [it hurt too]. I did not want to got the ER, so I just did the best I could with it and I got some help from my EMT neighbor. On Sunday I got here very early and by the time I left at 10:30 pm the bike was ready to assemble! I put it together the next morning and got some help from Mike the mailman to finish it off, before heading off to Redbones. I have kept the cut clean and tight and now it is doing fine and healing well.

I just sold the black LR I had! Just need to sell the other two bike on the demo page 😉

I took an order yesterday from a fellow in Portland OR! I have about 8 or so ANTs there, but have not sold a bike in Portland in about 3 years! So many good builders there, but this customer wants a bike that can be used 🙂 [not the he does not like over the top Portland style bikes and me too, but hey you need something like an ANT to ride around town]


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4 Responses to “Redbones a success”

  1. Ahren says:

    Glad you got a deserving winner! Wish I could have been there, that’s always a good time. Heal well. Ahren

  2. That is a beautiful bike! The colour and the leather seat work really well together as well. Lucky winner!

  3. Tim Gray says:

    I know I love the Frontaloadontome that I got to ride when at Colonel’s…

  4. eli says:

    Excited to here that another ANT is about to make it’s way over here to Portland. Keep ’em coming!

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