“Bike Tripping”



People often ask me…”Can you tour on a Roadster?”….Well hell yea, you can! I ride my Roadster everywhere, on long rides, dirt road/trails..and with gear…up hills. In fact I no longer use bikes with sheep style handle bars 🙂

Fear not the up right bar position. My bikes are not set up too upright [like  a Dutch style bike] , about level or slightly above the saddle height. Feels good and level and with the swept back bars it puts your wrist going in the right direction [very similar to the brake hoods on your road bike….the place people just stay on]. Try it you will love it.

I also gear my bicycles very low. With the 8 speed hubs I use I set them up with a gear inch range from 27″ to 80″ …so the 1st gear would be the same as a triple crank with say a 28T crank with a 28T rear cog. The only time you would need lower gears [less than 1 to 1] will be for climbing mountains [with camping gear]. To achieve that you will need a Rohloff hub or a derailleur set up…which is an option. But for most regular hill climbing on my low geared 8 speed it is just fine and easy.

Peter and Elisabeth have used their Roadsters for touring, with a full load!



Every summer my family and I go various short bike trips. Mostly camp ground tours with trips loaded up for the beach.

Mike F

Well all of our summer trips are done now 😦 and back to the shop on a daily basis 🙂

I have been testing out the Sturmey Archer 8 speed hub [with drum brakes] and I am very happy with it’s performance. It has a wider gear range than the Shimano hub and freewheels very good. The only thing that is not as nice is that you have to shift while coasting [just like a 3 speed hub], where on the Shimano you can also shift while pedaling. I have gotten used to it and feel the hub is of very good quality.

Not much action with the demo bikes I have for sale? I felt like that blues ladies 3 speed would have sold by now. I am going to lower the price on them to help them go. I have a few projects to take care of. One being giving Betsy money for her PMC fund raising efforts…that is what I built the blue bike for 🙂  I also need to buy a new camera. Steve A. has been very nice to loan me a camera and it has really saved me, but I should buy a camera and get his back to him. I am going to get a Canon G10 [recommended by many], they are about $5/600 I also would like to buy a new powder coat gun, that is going to run $1,200  The one I have still works and was great to get started with [it was about $700], but it is not so good for light colors and re-coating on top of existing powder [which can be a disaster].

I am working on a new chainguard [pictured on the blue bike above], but plan to revise it some more. it is going to be much smaller and longer [to get more chain coverage]. I am trying to make something that will give full coverage, but not encase the chain [like a Dutch bike]. If you have ever tried to fix a flat or put your chain back on on a Dutch bike, then you know what I mean [I have more than once, never again]. Stay tuned for guard developments in the near future :)..I also need to come up with a skirt guard too…I saw some nice ones from Germany [via Lovely Bicycle Blog]…speaking of bike blogs…there are so many new good ones it is hard to keep up! I wish I had more time to blog, but hey I got bikes to build 😉


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7 Responses to “Bike Tripping”

  1. Trisha says:

    Wow, this is convincing evidence that you can tour on a Roadster. Those loads are quite impressive! Lovely Bicycle posted some great-looking skirt guards; looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. The Pashley chaincase is split elegantly into several parts, so hat it is much easier to take apart than a Dutch one. It is also made of a different (stiffer) material, so it is more durable.

    Having said that, I think that different styles of bikes go with different types of chain-cases. The partial chaincase (like this one from Velo-Orange or this one from Abici) would suit one of your ladies’ bikes perfectly.

    Please keep us updated; I love to see photos of your bicycles!

  3. Frits B says:

    Instead of inventing the wheel all over again you might find some inspiration from these people:
    They make chain guards for the major Dutch bike manufacturers – not just Omas (not to be confused with OMAS).

    • antbikemike says:

      Frits, thanks for the link. That is a good idea and very tempting:) I like the one for the Classic Oma style chaincase, but it will not fit my crank or BB sheel size. Still I think I am going to make my own for a few more reasons. What ever I make will for sure fit the crank, ring, cog and stays and work the way I want and can be powder coated any color [plastic can not]. Also this will be US made, employing local workers with help with design and laser cutting and then finished off by me.

      • Frits B says:

        I would never suggest that you buy your chaincases from them 🙂 but I see them every day and their designs are really attractive (I live in a set of buildings with 80 apartments and when I go down to the basement there’s a bike lockup with at least 100 bikes – the expensive ones are locked away in their own lockers). Sturdy, too – they can withstand a good kick.

  4. Mike says:

    Where are those folks riding in that first picture?

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