“Celebrate Life with a New Bike”


This is Chris A’s new bike. He bought it for himself as a celebration of living through a car/bike accident, this Spring. He was/is pretty messed up by it with many broken bones, but that has not deterred him from getting around by bike.

Chris had a much loved Kronan bike when he was hit. It folded the bike in half from the impact and he is lucky to be alive.

As I have gotten older I find myself getting out of the way more often now and at night I dress up in all sorts of relective gear and with many lights. I live and ride in a rural area, that is suburban in attitude, with commuter traffic to the Boston area. Old, small New England roads lined with stone walls and big trees.

ANT Open House 2008 016 

This picture is of one of the bigger spots, most being very skinny with a crumbly side. It is very beautiful here and I love my commute [most of it in the opposite direction of traffic] and I have learned to deal with the short comings of fast commuter traffic. I know my route very well and know how to expect and deal with the problem spots, which means for me to pull over and get out of the way in the tight spots.

Most often it is when cars are coming in opposite directions and by some universal rule of the Cosmos…they pass me at the same time! I know everyone knows what I am talking about. If I am riding with someone else I usually just stick to the road, but if I am by myself I will pull over right before they get to me. I like to use a helmet mirror, so I can see them coming and will adjust my speed, to maybe get into a good spot to pull over. I used to be lot more adamant about staying in the road, but now I find it much more enjoyable to let them go by and then go about my way…happily. I have done this may times with big trucks and I give them a little wave as they go by…they appreciate it too and most often wave back to me.


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5 Responses to “Celebrate Life with a New Bike”

  1. chris: be careful out there, sharing the road == danger as you have found out! thank g*d you are back on your bike!

    ….Roland “fortunately i don’t bicycle on busy streets during my daily commute in Vancover, Canada” Tanglao

  2. Charlotte says:

    I think that’s one of the (only?) upsides of aging – that we get license to relax a bit and let the crazies fly right by. I’m glad to hear that you wave!

    • phil Smith says:

      Being over 50 allows not only a more relaxed attitude (who needs Spandex and speed on the bike?), but also grants some degree of curmudgeon license….grouse grouse grouse about idiot drivers. Not only is the uprightness of an ANT comfy, it has to help with visibility and vision.

      Lovin’ my ANT…
      P Smith

  3. Jon Grinder says:

    I ride mostly on neighborhood streets, with on-street parking, on my commute. I am not above pulling over and waving someone by, if I can do it before they pass me in some crazy, dangerous way.

  4. Dario D says:

    Congratulations, Chris, on your new bike and especially for your positive attitude. Way cool.

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