“Frame Building Class”

Leslie 162


One week bicycle frame building class. [6 days 9 to 5] 

One on one, full week with me in my shop, building a frame set for you   Materials included for one rigid, TIG welded,steel frame and fork, powder coated with a custom cut headbadge.

We can build most any type of frame set you want. Road, Touring, Cross, Mountain, Fixed gear, BMX and of course City bike

Other options also included are a brazed lugged , curved blade fork and headtube rings.

Building a fully lugged frame might be an option, but will cost $200+ more for materials and may take more time. Fancy paint is available from Circle A Cycles for $200+

It will be your week, so it is really up to you and what you want to get out of this. There are many options of instruction taught and how much you want to get out of this…now that being said. This is only one week [even if was two weeks] there is only so much you can learn, so this is really more of a fun vacation were you get to help build you very own frame.

If you want to most of the work yourself, then this will have to be a thick tube frame [nothing wrong with that]. If you want to just cut all the tubes, do all the hand work and then have me TIG weld it, then you can have any light weight tube set you want. Daily TIG welding and brazing instruction will still be included.

Components to build you new bike can be purchased at a discount from me.

You may very well take this week and use it to start your own frame building hobby/business….if you are really serious then I have another option.

6 week intensive training with your tools: $30,000

6 weeks with me in my shop, using tooling I make for you. TIG welded frames only.

Tools I will make included are:

  • Frame, fork and stem jigs
  • Frame and fork Alignment table
  • Tube cutting system on a small milling machine [for main tubes, chain & seat stays]
  • BB, HT & seat tube reaming and facing tools
  • Heat sinks for TIG welding BB, HT & ST
  • Various benders for forks, stays, and racks.
  • Computer program for design and tube cutting.
  • Materials for 6 frames

This will be an intensive 6 weeks of hard work, but the best start to making your own shop that you could ever have. Each week we will build a frame for you, along with my shop duties. TIG welding and brazing practice everyday.

This is also not just instruction, but a proven system that has been honed from years in the frame building industry. You will learn on your tools and be equipped with a how to manual.

I can build you a little shop that can fit into a small garage and run on 110V power. If you want to go bigger then I can advise on that too. Powder coating instructions are included, but finish work involves much more space and equipment.

Further consulting is included for the rest of the equipment you will need. Problem consulting/follow included for 6 months [by phone or email]

  • TIG welding machine [$1,500]
  • Brazing rig [$700]
  • Suppliers
  • Insurance [$2,000]
  • Other machine tools [Lathe etc…] [$500/$2,000]
  • Rigging/moving machine tools
  • Paint shops
  • Painting or powder coating equipment [$1,000 to 10,000]

If needed, for an additional cost, I can take photos for you of the bikes you build and make a wordpress website to get you started.


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9 Responses to “Frame Building Class”

  1. bob phillips says:

    when i get a week, i may well do t6his, mike. this is a great opportunity.

  2. Charlotte says:

    This is incredible. I am so excited by the possibilities. We were brainstorming all night!

  3. How exciting to read this! This is a wonderful idea and I am very curious to see how it develops – A fleet of fledgling builders taking over Boston? Shops stocking locally handbuilt bicycles and sending all the mass produced stuff back to the manufacturers? A new era of velo paradise? Well, one can hope : )

  4. jdmitch says:

    Oh, wow… this just went on my list of dream vacations…

  5. TD says:

    If I suddenly come into some money I’ll be there! You can always hope.

  6. Seth Vidal says:

    This is very enticing. Very….

    must think.

  7. Ahren says:

    What a chance to make something truly unique with one of the coolest guys in the biz. Out of curiosity, does your shop set up fee include sourcing a cool old record player like the one you have?

  8. Wow!
    I guess I DO need to start playing the lottery…
    20k option please. GRIN

  9. admin says:

    Great Post, I’m trying to learn this. Your web give me a reference to be considered. Thanks

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